Friday, March 16, 2018

Kylie Jenner's Reveals Her Secret Of Taking The Perfect Selfie

I am one of the millions who follow Kylie Jenner's every move on social media. She always uses social media to make huge announcements! One time, I made the mistake of not following her on Twitter and I missed the launch of her lip kits. BIG MISTAKE. Kylie is definitely my favorite person to follow on Instagram. She slays it with her strong selfie game. Every selfie she ever takes has good lighting, amazing angles and the perfect filter. So how does she do it? My secret is to take at least 100 selfies and hope for the best that one photo will make me look like I'm not a baked potato. But Kylie has just revealed her secret to taking the perfect selfie. Keep reading to find out what it is and pretty soon your Instagram and selfies will be lit! 

Kylie is clearly the undisputed queen of Instagram.

Her Instagram aesthetic is #Goals and her selfie game is so strong. 

Kylie's been pretty quiet about how she manages to take so many flawless selfies. 

But now she's letting the world in on her secret to the perfect selfie. 

The method to getting those amazing selfies? Kylie says it's all up to lighting. 

And not just any kind of lighting! It's all about the outside "golden hour" lighting. 

Kylie explains on her app that "golden hour" lighting is sunset lighting. 

Taking selfies just before the sun goes down and the sky goes a nice pinky golden color will make your skin look uber glowy in selfies. 

And Kylie was kind of enough to let us all in on another selfie secret of hers!

"You gotta know your angle! My angle is to the right."

Kylie also understands everyone's struggle of taking selfies. "I take, like, 500 selfies to get one I like." 

It's nice to know that Kylie shares our struggles with taking selfies! SHARE if you love following Kylie on social media!


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