Thursday, March 29, 2018

New Law In Denver Bans Cats From Being Declawed

Declawing and neutering or spaying your cat have gone hand in hand for the longest time. But as the truth about declawing cats has come to light, people and vets alike are moving forward to ban the procedure.

What exactly does the declawing procedure involve? 

The vet amputates the cat's toes at the first knuckle. So basically like having the tips of your fingers all cut off.

It's a huge surgery and the recovery is very painful for the cat.

That's why the city of Denver has moved to ban the procedure unless medically necessary.

Vets say that declawed cats can develop bad habits that encourage owners to get rid of their cat eventually.

Where the procedure isn't banned, many vets refuse to do the surgery anyway.

It's highly unnecessary and more for the owner's sake than the cat's.

An animal with claws may scratch or poke you and could go after your furniture, but you can always teach them how to be gentle if you start at an early age.

Both my cats have all their claws and they're happy as can be.

I clip them regularly and make sure they have scratching posts. You can also buy caps that go over their nails.

If you choose to have a cat, you have to deal with the fact that they're an animal with claws.

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