Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Packing Hacks For Smarter Traveling

You must be excited: Your vacation is around the corner! Time to relax on a beach or marvel at that historic temple. But wait, you are forgetting one major hurdle. Packing. Yes, packing. That dreaded task you must complete before jetting off somewhere.   

You need to pack the right amount of personal belongings to take with you and leave enough room to bring back some souvenirs. It's tough, and we are here to make that process easier. Help a friend and pass this along to help them with their packing.

Packing Makeup

Packing makeup for trips can consume a lot of space. Next time, just pack some makeup in an old contact lens container. It's a super compact solution. 

Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags are useful in so many scenarios. On a trip you can protect your phone or other small electronics in ziplock bags when you are close to water. Also if anything is prone to leak, ziplock bags are great at preventing that. 

Keep Those Collars Fresh

Packing collared shirts can be a pain. Wrapping a belt around the collar will help keep it in place and save the unnecessary hassle of ironing. Plus, it helps protect your belt during travel. 

No Tangled Cords

Old cards are great for wrapping cords around. It'll save them from getting tangled and keep you organized.

Reusing Containers

Tic-Tac containers are awesome for packing anything small that can be easily lost. Pack bobby pins or even medicine in these compact containers. 

Protecting Necklaces

Packing those necklaces can be difficult, as they tangle easily. Putting one end of your necklace in a straw will keep it untangled, and you stress free. Simply clasp as usual. 

Pre-Package Outfits

Pre-pack outfits on a vacation. This is great for when you have a special night out planned and want everything in order. It's also a great way to plan what you'll be doing on your vacation. Instead of labeling days, you could also put an activity as a label.

Packing Hats

Sun hats are gorgeous and necessary for tropical travels, but can be a bother to pack. Stuff your jean shorts or some sundresses into the part where your head goes and then carefully place in your suitcase. Make sure you pack around the brim of the hat.

Stashing Money

This is a brilliant way to hide some money. Empty a Chap Stick tube, roll the money and push it in. This keeps your money safe and organized.  

Making Sure You Have Mini Toothpaste

Buying mini toothpaste is a waste of money. Find an eye drop bottle, clean it, and fill it with toothpaste. It's compact and a great way to carry just the right amount of toothpaste you'll need.  

Protecting Your Fingers

Packing razors is sometimes hazardous. Protect your fingers when reaching into your bag by putting a binder clip on the razor head. 

Multi-Purpose Bottle Use

It's always a great idea to carry a reusable bottle around. Save some space by packing a snack like trail-mix in your bottle. No unnecessary bags to carry around and you can rinse out the bottle before filling it up with water. 


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