Thursday, March 8, 2018

People Are Saying This 'DOG' Word Search Is The Most Difficult Ever

Imgur user jivandabeast just posted what could be the hardest word search in the history of man. The objective? Find the word 'DOG' in a sea of D's, O's, and G's. 

Let's see how fast you can find it...
Leave a COMMENT letting us know how long it took you to solve it on your own.
Let's take a look shall we?

Here it is.

Seems like it should probably be easy, right?

Let your eyes scan the page...

You'll notice that your eyes will start hurting almost immediately 

This word search is totally designed to confuse and deceive, I'll show you what I mean...

Every time you think you've solved it, you are just let down again. 

Starting at the top, I felt like I solved it right away. Those dang Os look a lot like Gs in your peripheral vision. 

We can do this, though...

I promise.

Now looking at the entire puzzle, again I was deceived by so many potential finds. 

I started to work backwards. Maybe the word could be spelled with the D on the bottom and the G on top of it. I was again wrong. 

What about those diagonals??

This my friends, is the way to solve this puzzle. 

Okay, the answer is on the next page... 

There it is!

I have to say I'm very proud that I found it on my own. Did you?

This is probably how you felt if you just now found it. 

I'm so sorry, but I also warned you that it was the most difficult word search ever. 

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This one takes some thought, though.

Let us know in a comment if you found "DOG" immediately. You would be a superstar...

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