Monday, March 19, 2018

These Cows Sitting Like Dogs Are Exactly What The World Needs Today

Okay, so the world isn't in great shape right now. It's hard to escape that, too. Everywhere you turn, you hear bad news. Well, buck up. It's not all bad. Consider, for example, that cows sometimes sit like dogs. Who knew? It's adorable, and you need to see it.

1. Hay there. Herd you wanted to see cows sitting like dogs. Well, settle in.

2. Clearly this is some important stuff. Look at this happy customer!

3. Don't worry, even though this girl looks sad, she's actually in her favorite spot.

4. Sitting in the grass is truly one of life's great pleasures.

5. The filter actually suits this princess, don't you think?

6. Sorry, did we catch you in the middle of a good bum scratch?

7. Apparently when you're nine months pregnant and you find a comfortable position, nothing else matters.

8. So it's a little muddy, so what?

9. Isn't that chin just begging for a scratch?

10. Kind of feel like we interrupted a private moment. 

11. When you think nobody is watching and you also don't really care if they are.

12. A cow can get some serious thinking done in a place like this.

13. This cow is pretty and she knows it.

14. Getting up on the couch is a classic dog move.

15. Sitting on your tail? You do you, cow. You do you.

16. Besties!


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