Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This Is What Happens When You Cut A Coke Bottle With A 1,000-Degree Knife

There are just certain videos out there that you get sucked into watching. This video is just one of those videos. I would like to know how these people come up with these things. Is it out of boredom? Curiosity? Who knows, but once I start watching videos like these, I can't stop. I mean, haven't you always wondered what would happen if you heated up a knife with a blowtorch and then cut into things? Okay, so maybe you don't sit around thinking about this stuff, but watch this video anyway. It is so cool! 

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So first off, how does one heat a knife to 1,000 degrees, exactly?

Why, you gather up three blow torches of course.

Watching this knife cut into things is oddly satisfying. 

It cuts this soap like butter. 

But the coolest part is watching it cut through a coke bottle.

Watch this amazing experiment in action!

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