Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We Want To Catch All Of These Pokémon Terrariums!

Even if you're not still currently obsessed with Pokémon Go — I certainly am — that doesn't mean you won't love to have one of these pokéball terrariums that catch your favorite pokémon in its natural habitat. 

TheVintageRealm is a '90s kid who runs a whole Etsy shop full of vintage '90s collectibles... but her biggest seller is the Pokéball terrariums, which she makes with classic Pokémon figurines. Dibs on the Psyduck when she's got one available!

1. A Pidgey in its nest

Anyone playing Pokémon Go knows there are too many Pidgeys. 

2. Meowth

No word on whether this particular Meowth has mastered human speech. 

3. A Gengar and a jack-o-lantern

Ready for Halloween! How many of these guys did you catch during the October promo?

4. Slowbro

I can't help but love these guys.

5. Poliwhirl

Do you thnk they get dizzy if they look at their own belly in the mirror?

6. Plusle and Minun


7. Mega Mewtwo X

So mega that it requires an XL pokéball!

8. Clefairy

But this little Clefairy gets a tiny home that's just the right size. 

9. Tauros

I particularly love how she's matched the environment of the terrarium to the type of place you would find that pokémon.

10. Pikachu

Pikachu is always happy to see you!

11. Jigglypuff and Charmander

Larger pokéballs can sometimes hold two or more figurines.

12. A Snorlax is blocking your path!

How cute is this recreation of a Snorlax blocking the route? It's perfect!

Did you see your favorite pokémon in the list? Tell us in the COMMENTSwho's missing!

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