Thursday, March 8, 2018

Your Body Can Absorb The Dangerous Chemical TPHP Straight From Your Nail Polish

People have been putting on nail polish to touch up their look for eons. Nothing rounds out a great looking outfit like some really well-done nails, am I right?

Have you ever stopped to think about how constantly wearing nail polish affects your body? You're probably thinking, "so what, who cares," but recent research is showing that a substance in nail polish can really wreck your body in a bad way.

Well, hopefully you at least keep track of how long you've had nail polish on, right?

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Who doesn't love some fancy nails?

Nail polish allows us to do just about anything we want with our nails.

I mean, check out these finger designs.

Do you pay attention to how long you're wearing it for, though? You might be wearing it for dangerously long periods.

Researchers have found that one dangerous substance can be found in 20% of commercially-available nail polishes.

Some estimates place the prevalence at even higher levels.

Triphenyl phosphate, otherwise known as TPHP, can slowly leak into your body.

In one study done at Duke University, there was evidence of chemical exposure in urine samples taken 10-14 hours after some subjects received nail polish with TPHP.

Here is an official statement on the research study from the Environmental Working Group, a group working with the team at Duke.

Some people believe that we may totally miss the connection between feelings of sickness and nail polish because symptoms may start long after you put some on.

TPHP is put in to reduce how flammable the nail polish is.

It's also put in to increase the flexibility of the polish.

Animal studies have connected TPHP with endocrine dysfunction.

The endocrine system plays a HUGE role in the regulation of your hormones, and studies in rodents have shown that high concentrations of TPHP can affect metabolism and reproductive hormone production.

It has also even been associated with reduced sperm counts in human males.

The EWG reports that some companies don't even list it on their products.

In 2002, it was determined that because TPHP barely irritated the skin when applied, it was likely safe and required no further testing by the Organization for Economic Cooperation.

Is this how most products are tested? Wow.

The question still remains whether the amount of TPHP absorbed through nail polish is enough to affect someone's endocrine system.

This really should be answered soon, though, right? Science will have to figure this one out.

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