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Conjoined Twins Who Were Given A Slim Chance At Survival Start School

Conjoined Twins Who Were Given A Slim Chance At Survival Start School

Siamese twins, otherwise known as conjoined twins, are born one out of roughly 100,000 births. People are fascinated by this bizarre phenomenon where two children share the same body. While the condition is bizarre and captivating, everyone always holds out hope that the children can be separated, or live a somewhat normal life if they stay conjoined.

One set of conjoined twins, Ruby and Rosie Formosa, became famous when they were successfully separated at birth.

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Here are little Ruby and Rosie when they were first born in 2012.

They shared part of their abdomen as well as intestines.

At the time, doctors didn't expect that they would survive, but they attempted to separate them regardless.

Their mother, Angela Formosa, told the Daily Mail that "Having my babies taken off [sic] my almost immediately after they're born and not knowing if either would survive was heartbreaking."

The day after they were born, a team of 15 doctors successfully separated the twins after a five-hour procedure at London’s Great Ormond Street hospital

"When the doctors came out to say the surgery had been a success and that the girls were both fine, it was like the world had been lifted off our shoulders," said Angela.

Here are the twins after being successfully separated.

You can see how excited their older sister was to have them home!

You have to see their progression after being separated. This is incredible...

Here are Ruby and Rosie celebrating their 1st birthday.

Wow, look at those smiles. 

Another photo of the super cute twins enjoying their birthday at their home in Bexleyheath, England.

Well, even more time has passed since their 1st birthday, and the girls are starting school!

Ruby and Rosie are now four-years-old and are "very excited" to start class.

They even get to go to school with their older sister, Lily. 

You have to see the interview with the twins, their mother, and older sister...

You can't even tell that something as profound as a surgical separation happened to these two young girls.

Here are the twins with their mother Angela, and sister Lily, walking to school.

Angela Formosa told the Guardian that “four years ago it wasn’t in my mind that this would ever happen.”

It's nice to see such a harrowing medical situation turn out so well. They've grown up so fast!

Here's the video interview with the family!

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Block Out The Words That Are Only Meant To Bring You Down

Block Out The Words That Are Only Meant To Bring You Down

It's hard not to be influenced by others — especially family members, friends, and people we work closely with.

But when we listen to the words of people who don't want the best for us, and we take them to heart, it starts molding us into a person who isn't true to who we really are meant to be.

Only you can decide who you really are — and only you can choose to listen to your heart or listen to others.

Ignore what doesn't make you better and always fight to be the best version of yourself you can be.

Woman Paints Mini Landscapes And They're The Cutest Things

Woman Paints Mini Landscapes And They're The Cutest Things

Heidi Annalise is a painter working and living in Colorado who is doing something neat with her talent for painting. She loves being outside and exploring the world, and she also loves to oil paint — so what's better than combining the two? 

Each painting is adorable and tiny and looks like it was stolen from the landscape it was inspired by. She also paints scenes from her memories of travelling. She'll even paint some of your travel memories! 

I can't believe how beautiful these are! Take a look:

If you want to see more of her work, check out her Instagram or her Etsy!

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Here’s What Really Happened On The Banned Episode Of 'Fear Factor'

Here’s What Really Happened On The Banned Episode Of 'Fear Factor'

No matter who you are, at some point in your life Fear Factor has made you squirm. Whether it's eating something strange, or some cringey act they have to do, we've all turned our heads and said, "Nope, I couldn't do that."

With each episode the stunts get more gross and sometimes we question if they can even show us this stuff on TV.

Well, there was one episode that they couldn't show us, but that's all come to light now.

Claire and Brynne were contestants during the season that pulled an episode from TV.

They are daughters of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers spokesman Rick Odioso, and became sort of a fan favorite on the show.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the Odioso twins revealed that they had the option of two drinks to guzzle down on camera.

One drink was urine and the other? Semen!

Contestants have had to eat and drink other gross things, so why was this one banned?

Apparently, the stunt, which the contestants performed, made the producers so sick that they pulled the episode before it even aired.

The Odioso twins did drink the donkey semen, choosing that over the donkey urine.

Honestly, I'm not sure which one I would choose...

They said that they were "disappointed because we wanted to share the experience with our friends and family.”

They said if you vomited, you'd have to start over so Brynne "ended up just vomiting in my glass and drank that. The camera men were vomiting.“

And of the taste of the donkey semen? "It smells. It’s so bitter, and it has a little hint of hay.”

Since the episode was pulled, the twins couldn't talk about it until after all the episodes had aired.

While donkey semen is truly disgusting, there have been other "foods" that contestants have had to eat.

Personally, they'd have to pay me more than $50,000 to do most of the things on Fear Factor.

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Brand New Pics Prove Macaulay Culkin Is Once Again Adorable

Brand New Pics Prove Macaulay Culkin Is Once Again Adorable

There seems to be a common narrative in the world of child acting. An adorable little kid BURSTS into Hollywood, gets cast in huge roles, wins awards then seemingly vanishes off the face of the earth. When we do hear about them, we're saddened to learn that they've fallen in with a bad crowd, got hooked on booze and drugs or are simply losing their mind. However, sometimes these tragic stories can be reversed. Remember Macaulay Culkin? He was the adorable smart ass from the Home Alone films who, as the story so often goes, vanished from the world of film as he grew older. Well guess what? He's back, and he doesn't look nearly as bad as he has in recent years. You seriously won't believe it...

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Macaulay Culkin burst into the movie scene when he was cast in Uncle Buck

Alongside funnyman John Candy, Culkin proved that he could get the laughs in a major motion picture. Clearly the future was bright...

Just one year later, Culkin got the role that made him a household name.

Home Alone saw Macaulay taking the lead for the first time. His performance? Amazing! Fans everywhere instantly fell in love with the cute little blonde boy and wanted more. 

By the mid '90s, Macaulay had emerged as one of the BIGGEST child actors ever.

It seemed like he was being cast in everything! My Girl, The Pagemaster, Only The Lonelyand Home Alone 2are just a few of the titles he was featured in over the next four years. In fact, his Kevin McCallister character is arguably one of the most recognized in the history of Christmas films!

But the good times wouldn't last forever...

After his part as the protagonist in 1994's Richie Rich, Macaulay seemingly vanished.

And it's not like the film was bad. In fact, it brought in $125 million on VHS purchases alone! But as we all know, the years to come left many people worried for Macaulay's well-being...

For the next decade Macaulay was nowhere to be found.

The popular child star went missing during the highest point of his young career. Then, out of nowhere, he reappeared in guest roles on shows like Will And Graceand in several minor films. But something seemed different.

Fans noticed that Macaulay appeared to be unhealthy.

Many rumors began circulating about drug and alcohol use, health issues and even psychological problems. At an all time low, Macaulay was so skinny that he was even hard to look at. 

Most recently he appeared in a haunting reprisal of his beloved Home Alone character Kevin McCallister.

Rumors of his psychological well-being continued to spread. 

The art projects he took part in also caused his fans to worry.

They continuously showed him portraying characters that were mentally unstable. 

But perhaps more shocking than anything he's ever done are the photos that were just recently released of the former child star...

He looks good again!

Just months after the online video that scared his fans, Macaulay appears to be getting his life back on track! The bags under his eyes have vanished and he looks WAY healthier! But how?

Well apparently Macaulay is trying his hardest to turn his life around.

He has been eating well, working out and even practicing good hygiene! I mean look at him - he's cute again!

It's quite clear that the former child star is getting his life back together!

And let's be honest, we couldn't be happier for him!

Who knows? Maybe he will make a triumphant return to Hollywood!

That'd be quite the comeback story if you ask me. 

But it's not like the iconic child actor hasn't been busy throughout the years... fact it's been quite the opposite.

In 2013 Macaulay created his very own rock band.

And the name of that band is pretty hilarious...

If you don't already know, Macaulay's band is called The Pizza Underground.

They basically play covers of songs by Lou Reed's former band The Velvet Underground, and change the lyrics to reference pizza.

The band has actually played a lot of high profile gigs such as Lou Reed Tribute concerts.

Macaulay sings, plays kazoo and drums and even gives out pizza to audiences at his shows! 

The band also has a pretty funny system of beliefs that they follow.

One of the band members even explained that the group was created out of the belief the members had that all of the lyrics from famous Velvet Underground songs were originally about pizza, but had to be changed due to societal norms. 

It's so weird!

But literally in the coolest way possible!

As mentioned earlier, so many child stars find themselves going through dark stages of adulthood.

And because of these patterns, society tends to expect these actors to struggle. 

But by the looks of it, Macaulay isn't going to let that happen to him!

In fact it kind of looks like he's making a comeback! 

Way to go Macaulay!

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