Friday, April 6, 2018

10 Women Who Are Straight-Up Fed Up

"Give us a smile!"

"Send me pics."

"You should wear less makeup!"

"Are you on your period or something?"

A lot of us hear this kind of stuff on the daily, but while most people would agree that women put up with a lot of crap, the next girls are about to prove them very wrong!

1. I know it's a crazy notion, but not everything we do is for the sole purpose of attracting men...

We also have other goals, like being the best in the world...

2. If this is the girls' section, I think most of us would rather shop somewhere else...

This girl totally gets it, and the fashion world should definitely listen to her!

3. don't say!

Just think of it as having a heart attack in your lower abdomen while also feeling angry and constipated! And also while craving every salty and sweet treat that comes to mind.

4. Sounds like she's a lot better off every way possible

I guess she kissed a girl and she liked it, and she also found someone who wasn't a sadist.

5. Apparently, racism and misogyny can backfire on an individual. Who knew?

I'd have loved to witness this one. This is what happens when all your privilege implodes on itself, leaving you feeling like the odd one out.

6. Just because a girl in your class helped you with math homework does NOT mean she wants to see your Y axis... 

I wonder if it really looked like a tiny pink jellyfish...

7. The heart knows what the heart wants

There's just no controlling desire, especially when it comes to strawberry frosting! Yes, she is talking about actual pop tarts, it's not a weird synonym for his man-nipples. 

8. Please, mansplain to me how to make things great again. It's beyond thrilling...

We might not ever be the Chancellor of Germany in our lives, but all of us have been Angela Merkle in some way.

9. Just a tip to keep in mind for all the au naturel guys out there...

But to be honest, this is a lie, because I've seen guys on YouTube wearing more makeup than I even own.

10. Watch out, Becky don't mess around!

Forget Becky with the good hair, Becky the airport savage is way more interesting to us! Who needs good hair when you can have good revenge?

11. Who doesn't want to be buried with their most rare and prized treasures?

Finding women's clothing with pockets that aren't fake is more challenging than finding a soulmate...but much more worth the time and effort.

12. I guess she'd have preferred to vote for the green dude who lived in a swamp instead of the orange dude who lived in a tower 

It's a nice fantasy...

13. Them: "Is that clutch Stuart Weitzman?" Me: "No, it's Smirnoff" 

Finding the perfect accessory to pull your look together is key. Classes are done, finals are over, what's the worst they can do? Kick you out of school?  

14. Just when we thought men couldn't get any dumber... 

Something like this gets published. Do these guys not have ears or eyes? Can they not read? Do they live in a damn cave?!


What messed up alternate universe do you have to be living in to actually believe we would enjoy something like that? I'm sorry, but even though this explains a lot, I still can't get over it!

16. Sandy finally saying what we've all been thinking 

Your body's had a nice workout, you're physically and spiritually satisfied, your muscles and everything else have experienced a wonderful it's time for a nap! 

17. There's often more to the stats than originally meets the eye

Here's an equally important question. How many guys think it's appropriate to open a conversation with a sexual proposition?

18. Call me crazy, but I think literacy might be a more highly valued life skill than cooking...

I might eat a lot of avocado toast and ramen, but at least I know the difference between where and were.

19. The world may not always work in our favor, but this is one battle we'll never lose 

I once pulled the covers so hard it flipped my boyfriend off the bed and he got a black eye. 


That's right, never mess with a woman and her linens. It just may be the last thing you do. Also, don't hog the pillows because that's hella annoying too! 

21. The only thing better than Mom's pot roast is when she roasts Dad 

In order for any marriage to remain healthy, you've got to knock your husband down a few notches.

22. If we wanted to give you one, you wouldn't have to ask this awkward question

Now we're both gonna stand there while I feel obligated to awkwardly wrap my arms around your torso.

23. When mom gets exactly what she asked for

As daughters, we all get sick of hearing the same thing every year, as mothers we all get sick of receiving some variation of the same scarf every year. This seems like a nice compromise. 

24. Seriously, guys, what does that even mean?

Are most of us actually just woman-impostors? Like at the end of the day, the Scooby Gang will pull off our masks and we'll actually just be bitter old janitors or scheming butlers?


Is a "real woman" one who doesn't wear makeup? Is a real woman one who dances around in the moonlight on the first day of her menstrual cycle? To be honest, "real woman" just sounds like a topical cream for yeast infections to me.

26. One of the best responses to the request we're all sick of 

What is it, babe? You don't find Elizabeth Taylor-like head wraps and my melting post-shower makeup super sexy?

27. Sorry, Tom, looks like you're out and the cat's in. 

The cat might not be a ginger, but he's also not as high maintenance and he doesn't steal the bed covers. 

28. We all get sick receiving these types of messages over and over again

I'll have to remember this girl's line. I like that it has a Harry Potter feel to it... 

29. But that doesn't mean our responses can't be creative!

Nothing sexier than a Death Eater in their full-robed glory! I don't know about you, but my elder wand just sprang to attention! 

30. Well, this is one April Fools' Day you'll certainly never forget 

There's nothing funnier than watching someone have a heart attack at the thought of becoming a responsible adult

31. It's time to bring the matriarchy back! 

If only this was how all Women's Lifestyle magazines actually read...
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