Tuesday, April 24, 2018

11 Unexpected Uses For Your Appliances

I have been vocal about my hatred of unitaskers before, but what am I to do about those appliances I need for their specific function? Find other household hacks to use them for, obviously! Check out this list to learn what common household appliances can become multitaskers you can use daily!

1. Use your flat iron to smooth hems and collars.

I'm not even sure I know where my clothes iron is. I don't really have a regular use for it, but every now and then I need to fix a droopy collar, and that's where my hair straightener comes in handy. 

2. But your clothes iron can also help get stains out of the carpet.

Spritz a vinegar and water solution onto the stain, then lay a damp towel over it. Set your iron to its steam setting and run it over the towel. The stain will loosen and soak up into the towel.

3. Thaw frozen pipes with your hair dryer.

Before calling the plumber, try warming up the pipes yourself. 

4. Your hair dryer can also remove stickers.

Skip the residue and products like Goo Gone. If you have a big label you want to remove, warm it with your hair dryer to melt the adhesive and peel it off cleanly.

5. Wash your delicates in a salad spinner.

Spinners really can make a big difference for the quality of your salad greens, but they're also just plain big. Make them worth the space they take up by washing your delicate laundry. Spin once with soapy water, once with clean, and once to dry. Done!

6. Sanitize your kitchen sponge with the microwave for 1–2 minutes.

This works well for killing bacteria, but there are two important safety notes: do not use a sponge with metal fibers (like a steel wool scrubby side), and make sure the sponge is damp when it goes in. Otherwise, you could have a fire hazard. 

7. Proof your bread dough in the microwave.

Yeast is picky about its environment. A little bit of warmth and humidity can make a big difference in how your bread rises. You can turn your microwave into a perfect spot by warming up a cup of water, then placing the covered dough inside with the steam. 

8. Shred meat with your stand mixer.

Don't waste time picking apart your chicken or pork by hand. Stick it in the bowl of your mixer with the paddle attachment and run on low until everything is perfectly shredded. 

9. Cook your dinner while washing your dishes.

By placing your food in airtight jars, you can cook food in your dishwasher without having to waste water and energy. The soap can't get at the food, so you get clean dishes anda great meal in one step!

10. Cook a pizza with your waffle iron.

Really, cook anythingwith your waffle iron. My favorite: make waffles, then make grilled cheese with the waffles as the bread! Yumm...

11. Make soap in your crockpot.

No need to carefully watch a pot or deal with a double boiler. Instead, make your homemade soap in your slow cooker. 

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