Thursday, April 5, 2018

15 CGI Movie Effects That Have Aged Worse Than Prison Toilet Wine


CGI and special effects have come a long way in movies, and that could not be more apparent than in the next few train wrecks you're about to see.

Time comes for us all, and one of the ways you can see that is that these movies (presumably) had some of the most high-tech special effects conceived by man at the time.

Well, newsflash: they aren't anymore.

This is the proof.

1. Green Lantern, why...

2. Jawswas just a mess. Wonder how well that movie did despite these effects...

3. The stupid-looking baby in Breaking Dawn.

4. The Mummy Returns’ Scorpion King ended with the Rock never showing up in another movie.

Wait, no it didn't.

5. Total Recall was a messsssss.

6. The clone army in The Lord Of The Ring's prequel The Hobbit.

7. The weird looking plane crash in Air Force Onethat Han Solo could have landed better.

8. Mac And Mehas aged TERRIBLY. But it's still one of my favorites. 

9. Star Wars 2: Attack Of The Clones was a treasure trove of these...

10. This is "Samuel L. Jackson" getting eaten by a shark in Deep Blue Sea.

11. Wolverinewas NOT good. Starting with that haircut and those silver computer errors coming out of his hands.

12. Jaws 3Dwas a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea even if it didn't include this shark.

13. None of the money spent on Winter Tale was spent on Will Smith's CGI.

14. This whole Harry Potter thing is never going to take off.

15. Scooby Doo, no!!

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