Thursday, April 19, 2018

15 DIYs To Upcycle Tin Cans

A lot of the goods we purchase are packaged in tin cans these days, and they certainly can take up a lot of space in our recycling bins. but before you just toss them, you should see if any of these projects would work in your home! 

Just remember to always be careful of sharp edges. A good way to protect your fingers is by using a pretty washi tape.

If you've made any crafts or useful items around your home with old cans, be sure to share them in the COMMENTS!

1. Plant some herbs.

Medium-sized cans from sauces or soups are great for small shelf planters, or you could go bigger with a coffee tin or paint can. Just make sure to clean any non-food cans really well before reusing them.

2. Feed the birds.

Cutting the lid in half is the perfect way to hold the seeds in while providing lots of access for hungry birds. If you're using a can without a plastic lid, you could cover part of the opening with pretty much anything, such as a piece of cardboard.

3. Corral your office and art supplies.

You can cover the cans with pretty paper and set them on a lazy Susan for extra convenience. 

4. Lay cans on their side for shelf cubbies.

Smaller cans may even be stacked on top of each other. Wedge them perfectly into the shelf space, or use a sturdy bookend to keep them from rolling.

5. Mobiles and wind chimes.

By painting cans bright colors and hanging them from string, you can make a lovely mobile for a child's room — or hang them closer together and display them on the porch for a pretty wind chime.

6. Get crafty and make a metal buddy.

This one is fun to do with kids as long as the grown-ups have covered all the edges first. Collect lots of different-sized cans and other craft supplies, then build whatever metal friend you want. I love this doggy!

7. An easy snowman.

This is another fun craft. Perfect for the holidays!

8. Use as a container for a homemade candle.

You can decorate the outside however you wish, too!

9. Organize your kitchen.

Decorated cans make great holders for larger utensils that you've always reaching for.

10. Or make a portable caddy.

Perfect for a picnic!

11. Give an old desk lamp an industrial look.

The shiny inside will also reflect the light, probably increasing the brightness compared to the old shade.

12. Use as the base of a travel speaker.

Just remove the guts of an ugly but still functional old speaker, and move them into a can.

13. Tuna can tea lights.

How cute are these? Use glue or stick-tack to hold the tea lights in place, just to make sure they don't fall out while burning.

14. Crush into cool lanterns.

This craft's probably not safe for the kiddies, and you should wear safety gloves while cutting the cans, but the end result is awesome!

15. Bake some tiny cakes!

Sure, you can buy specialized tins for mini cakes, but how often are you going to use them? Unless you're starting a mini cake bakery, use a can instead. Set them out on a sheet pan, then fill with batter and bake!

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