Monday, April 2, 2018

15 Facts That Became The Strangest Moments in WWII

There's no doubt that World War II was an extremely tragic event. Millions upon millions of innocent lives were lost, as well many brave soldiers' lives. World War II has definitely left its stamp in history books, but there are actually a lot of really, really strange things that people were never aware of. The amount of weird stories that came from World War II are as plentiful as all of the bad ones, so let's get to them. Here are 15 of the absolute strangest World War II moments.

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1. A Russian family living in the wilderness didn't know about World War II for more than 40 years after it ended.

2. A German Lieutenant died while trying to rescue an injured American soldier.

3. Canadians who attempted to enlist during World War II but were unable to serve due to medical reasons were given a button to show their willingness to fight.

4. James Doohan, the man who played Scotty in Star Trek, shot two snipers on D-Day and was shot a total of seven times during World War II.

5. Nobuo Fujita, a Japanese pilot who bombed Oregon during World War II, returned to Oregon 20 years later and offered a 400-year-old samurai sword (family heirloom) as a symbol of regret.

6. There was a team of Jewish assassins known as "The Avengers" who tracked down and executed Nazi war criminals after World War II.

7. Russians killed more Nazis in the Battle of Stalingrad than Americans killed throughout the entirety of World War II.

8. The U.S. Government held fake arrival ceremonies honoring the return of American soldiers that were killed in World War II. The ceremonies were referred to as "The Big Lie."

9. Germans and Americans fought together to protect an Austrian castle from Nazi forces. This is the only instance of cooperation between both sides during World War II.

10. Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier, held out for 29 years after Japanese forces surrendered. He had believed the war was ongoing until his former commanding officer gave him orders to stand down in 1974.

11. The Russians had such a massive celebration after World War II that Moscow ran out of vodka.

12. King George VI was at war with Nazi Germany as the King of the United Kingdom but was also at peace with them as the King of Ireland. 

13. In 1938, a Korean man (Yang Kyoungjong) was conscripted by Japan to fight the USSR. He was captured in 1939 by Soviets and sent to fight the Nazis who then captured him and sent him to fight on D-Day. He was then captured by Americans on D-Day.

14. A British and German fighter plane shot each other out of the sky. The survivors from the crashes met up on land and helped each other survive.

15. The Russians used a biplane that was so slow that German pilots were forced to ignore it because they risked stalling if they went after it.

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