Monday, April 2, 2018

15 Hidden Disney Secrets You Definitely Missed

Disney movies are full of magic, but they are also full of different hidden things the animators have put in. Hidden Mickeys, references to other movies, hints to future movies, are all in every movie... if you know where to look. This list has some of the deepest secrets and hidden gems Disney has to offer. Take a look! Did you notice any of these the first time you watched the movies?

1. Frozen

Tiana and Naveen from The Princess and the Frog appear at Elsa's coronation.

2. Wreck-It-Ralph

Vladimir from Tangled is seen stomping around in Game Central Station! What's he doing there?

3. Big Hero 6

The wanted poster in the police station in Big Hero 6 is in fact Hans from Frozen!

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

One of the gargoyles on the tower looks an awful lot like Pumbaa from The Lion King.

5. Oliver and Company

Jock, Peg and Trusty from Lady & The Trampshow up on the side walk during the song "Why Should I Worry."

6. Ratatouille

Dug from Up makes an appearance in Ratatouille, as a shadow that chases the rat across the room!

7. The Jungle Book

The vultures in The Jungle Book are based on The Beatles, and were supposed to be voiced by them too – but they had to back out due to scheduling conflicts. I guess they just had to let it be!

8. Frozen

This one is more of an error. During Elsa's performance, she swipes her hair and the braid seems to go right through her arm!

9. Tangled

The spinning wheel in Tangled is the same one that put Aurora to sleep in Sleeping Beauty!

10. 101 Dalmations

Trusty Jacques from Lady and the Tramphelps out Pongo and Perdy in the Twilight Bark sequence of 101 Dalmations.

11. A Goofy Movie

Tick-Tock, the crocodile in Peter Pan,is backstage during Max's concert in A Goofy Movieconcert.

12. Toy Story 3

Sid, the evil kid from Toy Story,is now a garbage collector in Toy Story 3!

13. Aladdin

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast is one of Sultan's toys in the stack on his side table.

14. The Lion King

That's not a lion roar you hear in The Lion King. Voiceover artist Frank Welker provided all the lion sounds because Disney wanted specific-sounding roars for Simba and his friends.

15. Great Mouse Detective

While Basil and Dr. Dawson are in pursuit, they pass by a Dumbo toy blowing bubbles into the air.

Main image via Finding Mickey

Collage image via NBC News


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