Sunday, April 22, 2018

15 People Being Super Awkward Online

Awkward people are just awkward across the board. They're awkward in real life, and no matter how hard they try to cover it up, their awkwardness still shines through online. They just don't seem to understand what's acceptable in a public setting and what isn't. Hopefully they don't learn any time soon considering we're all having a good laugh at their expense.

Check out these super awkward people who grace the internet with their presence:

1.  Uncle needs to just stop it. Like now...that would be nice.

2. Well, that's an honest-to-goodness mistake.

3. Fair points all around.

4. Isn't that sweet with a dash of horrendously tacky and awkward?

5. Oh, because everyone needs to know this information and why you're "bored." 

6. As if this guy just said that...

7. OMG. I'm cringing for this guy.

8. It's nice for a dad to be complimentary...but this is WAY too weird.

9. Oh, just to let you know in front of everyone, you're uninvited.

10. The kisses make it all better. JK. 

11. That doesn't even look remotely close to Peter Dinklage.

12. How rude.


14. It just keeps going.

15. Not sure what's more awkward, his comments or the combination of his comments and that picture of his face.

Photo Source:  reddit /u/ Get_Sascrotched


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