Thursday, April 26, 2018

15 Perfectly Timed Photos To Please Your Eyes

I don't know what intellectually taxing things you've been slaving over all day, but I bet you need a break. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're thinking the same thing. If you're not reading this because it is comprised of words and sentences, and you just decided to skip straight to the pictures, I don't blame you. So here they are 15 perfectly timed, sometimes slightly naughty pictures, to give your brain a break (or rot it out). Enjoy!

1. Peekaboo, I birthed you

2. If penguins aren't your favorite animal after seeing this, something is seriously wrong with you

3. Putin checking in for his yearly mammogram 

4. That nap looks intensely satisfying

5. Possibly the most American thing you'll see all day

Their Chocolate Frosted Coffee Roll is quite sinful.

6. Maybe Jesus didn't die for our Dunkin' Donuts...

Maybe he's just been hanging out by a lake in northern Michigan, getting pastier by the century.

7. Aggressive advertising 

8. Apparently the other team has some hardcore fans

9. She could grind my rail any time

Unfortunately the next skateboard pic isn't as pleasant 

10. Bet you wished you could have face planted in the previous one instead

11. So that's how reproduction works...

12. If I was that shower curtain, I'd be smiling pretty hard too 

13. My, how those flying melons look like juicy breasts 

14. The repercussions of photographing your food instead of eating it

Food narcissism has claimed many victims.

15. Finally, one more sexy butt pic to finish it off for you


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