Monday, April 9, 2018

16 Dads Who Definitely Win Father Of The Year

It's that time of year again!

Father's Day is upon us, and we get another opportunity to show our dads how much we love and appreciate them.

The internet also loves dads. There's no shortage of dad footage and photos depicting the crazy, wonderful and heroic things our dads do!

Here are 16 dads that are really somethin' special, and to them we pay tribute.

#15 will blow your mind — I'd never have the nerve to try it!

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1. This dad who lets his newborn use his head as a bed.

So tiny!

2. This dad who is teaching his son how to flex.

So strong!

3. This dad who taught his son the value of yard work.

So helpful!

4. This dad who makes his son believe he's an amazing skater.

So talented!

5. This dad who is giving his daughter the ultimate video game experience.

So fun!

6. This dad who has abandoned all integrity to make his son laugh.

So funny!

7. This dad who thinks outside the box.

So inventive!

8. This dad who can't find the Roomba.

So mature!

9. This dad who has the most amazing reflexes.

So quick!

10. This dad who doesn't even need to look as he saves a little head from hitting the floor.

So clutch.

11. This dad whose daughter pretends to cry every time he goes to trim her nails.

So clever!

12. This dad who pushes two kids in the half pipe.

So coordinated!

13. This dad who became a human swing.

So quirky!

14. This dad who almost succeeded in doing his daughter's hair.

So close!

15. This dad who is one half of a cheerleading duo.

So brave!

16. This dad who just knows how to get down with his bad self.

So intricate!


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