Sunday, April 8, 2018

16 Outrageous Christmas Sweaters That Are More Naughty Than Nice

Ugly Christmas sweaters have been around for awhile now, but to keep from getting bored with the same old same old, people have started to shake things up a bit. By "shake," I mean get naughty. These sweaters were made for that pervy old uncle or that inappropriate family member who is always telling dirty jokes. 

Maybe surprise everyone this Christmas and show up wearing one of these bad boys.

1. There is always that one family member. 

2. Well, that is not a very happy Christmas kitty. 

3. If anyone in your family is a Bob's Burgers fan... 

4. Ummm... 

No words. 

5. Hmmm...

Who are the two family members I want to punish most this year? 

6. For those that love the potty humor. 

7. Not naughty in the literal sense...but amazing none the less! 

Of course Santa knows how to dab. 

8. Totally naughty... 

Be very careful about who you wear this around. 

9. I think we all have that one uncle that would wear this. 

10. Who doesn'tdream of a "White" Christmas?

Not naughty, but I love Betty White and a good pun. 

11. No, Santa...


12. Not you, too Rudolph. 

13. When you wear your feelings about family Christmas on your sweater. 

14. This poor guy got his...

Nevermind, you get the idea. 

15. Those sweaters that make you look at your mom and dad and say, "Don't. Just don't."

16. Ohhh, Brett... 


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