Sunday, April 1, 2018

16 Reasons To Avoid Australia At All Costs

In retrospect, it may seem strange that the British first used Australia as a penal colony. Sure, the convicts weren't likely to come back, but why send people to a land known for its beautiful beaches as a punishment?

Well, let's just say explorer Joseph Banks knew what he was talking about when he recommended the place. Between the spiders, snakes and practically every other animal Australia has to offer, there's a lot to be scared of there.

But that's only scratching the surface of the perils this magical place has to offer. And these 16 photos will show how...interesting life can be in Australia.

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1. There was a campground here. It's gone now.

While you're watching for spiders, a sinkhole like this one could be waiting to gobble you up. Even the land itself can't be trusted.

2. But go further inland and you might meet a nice, refreshing stand storm.

If you ever wondered why Australia has an underground town, say hello to the reason.

3. Those weird, stringy things are all spiderwebs.

How'd they get there? Oh, you know, the usual. 

Millions of spiders just decided to rain from the sky that day. No big deal.

4. And if that doesn't scare you, remember that Australian spiders can do this.

I'd certainly like a bunch of these falling on my head. Wouldn't you?

5. But don't worry, there's something out there to kill the spiders.

Giant hornets. Yep, giant hornets.

6. And if you're tired of being afraid, why not try being annoyed?

Residents of Wattaranga, Australia are finding their yards invaded by massive piles of tumbleweed. It's known as "hairy panic," it can take up to eight hours to get rid of. Lately, residents have been dealing with with the weeds every day. 

7. But you can avoid it by moving closer to the coast, right? Well...

If you'd rather clean up massive amounts of sea foam instead of tumbleweed, then yeah, go right ahead.

8. And then of course, there are all the things lurking around indoors.

These aren't some bizarre insect, but they're close. They're actually blue eyed-lacewing eggs.

9. So what's a blue-eyed lacewing?

Here's one of the big fellows right here. Not exactly a fun infestation, huh?

10. At first glace, this doesn't look too bad.

A bit of light snow, right?

Actually, that's hail. Yay.

11. Yeah, if you find a mysterious hole in Australia, best to leave it alone.

These spiders are really good at jumping out and giving you nightmares.

12. Yeah, even going to the bathroom is an adventure in Australia. 

It's like everywhere you go, there's a snake ready to ruin your day.

13. But flushing won't help if they're bursting through the ceiling.

Wow, what is it with snakes and bathrooms? At least that's what I might ask once I stopped screaming.

14. Oh look, the snakes have figured out how to catch fish.

It really is great to know that ceiling snake from earlier is fast enough to grab one out of the water. Really soothing thought.

15. You never know where a snake will be lurking.

Well, at least this one's just a python. Still not something you want to mistake for a gas pump, though.

16. This pleasant fungus is known as devil's fingers.

It's not dangerous, but it apparently smells like rotting flesh. And now it has spread from Australia to Europe and North America. 


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