Monday, April 9, 2018

16 Ridiculous Things Witnessed In Public Restrooms

Anyone who has had the unfortunate pleasure of using a public restroom can back me when I say they are a complete toss-up. When a bathroom emergency arises, most people don't have time to be selective of where they do their business. They have to pick what's readily available and run with it. For the most part, public restrooms are filthy and poorly maintained. However, if these pictures are any indication of what really goes on in some of them, then they're liable to be much, much worse.

1. This guy is having the time of his life right now

2. I always knew the roosters would rise up and attempt to take over some day

So it begins

3. Money doesn't sleep or take dumps, apparently

4. Not the kind of snake you'd expect to see in a public bathroom

5. Somebody forgot their dinner

6. Vincent Adultman spotted in a public restroom

7. Arts and crafts were done here

8. This is both saddest and cutest thing I have ever seen inside a public restroom

9. Public restrooms are private hair salons now

10. Sure, guy! Just make yourself right at home

11. Like, what? 

This is too much

12. Where friendships are galvanized

13. Standing guard while the owner takes care of his business

In comparison to some of the other items on this list, the dog in the stall has to be the most normal

14. Someone sat down and pooed out this rodent

15. "Don't mind me, friend. Just killing two birds with one stone"

16. Is that frickin' shark in the frickin' toilet bowl?

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