Friday, April 20, 2018

16 Struggles Boyfriends Will Understand

What cruel fate would put men and women together? Well, biology can be a bitch, but we survive! 

Somehow they tolerate us, and hopefully, we do our best to understand them. 

So if you've ever had a girlfriend, here are a few things you can definitely relate to as "the boyfriend."

1. We'll start with a pretty common scenario... 

2. Dealing with jealousy

3. When jealousy leads to overprotection/attachment... 

4. But if you are talkin' to anyone else, you done, son!

Jealousy is one thing, but let's go on to talk about romance...

5. So, maybe you have different ideas about romance

6. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow...

7. And you know what to prepare for when you actually pull off something romantic

"My boyfriend had cookies delivered to me while I was studying"

8. But everything comes at a cost...

Okay, let's see if we can get into their minds a bit. I know, scary, right?

9. Sometimes you're gonna come second. Get used to it...

10. Impulse buying — it's gonna happen

11. Being ready on time — it's notgonna happen

12. Communication is important, and doing it through text can be tricky

They're crazy and we love 'em. We've got a few more things to talk about...

13. Do what you can to prove your love

14. Sometimes, you might be caught in this endless cycle:

15. After being together for quite some time, she might begin to "subtly" drop hints...

16. And at weddings, you're going to reallystart feeling the pressure


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