Friday, April 20, 2018

17 Inspirational Quotes From Children's Books

I have always been a lover of words.

When I was little, my mom could be sure that if I wasn't outside playing, I was inside reading or writing. By the time I got to university, I was so enamored with knowledge that I was reading at least a book a day.

I would, and still do, write thousands of words before finding the right ones. 

That's why I love quotes so much: they're the right ones. They're the little bursts of words that linger in our minds long after we're done reading. With that, they have the power to inspire us forward in life.

Much to my delight, some of the very best quotes come from children's books. These quotes are simple yet meaningful enough that every adult should take a look. There's something here for everyone. 

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1. Winnie the PoohA.A. Milne

As adults, we tend to build comfy "corners of the forest" and stay there voluntarily. We stop venturing out so much and thus we stop experiencing, discovering, and growing. Get on out there. You never know what greatness you could find. 

2. Oh, the Places You'll Go!Dr. Seuss

Don't worry so much if you run into strange bird after strange bird. Every single bird you meet in life still teaches you a little about flying. Sooner than later, you meet a strange bird that's your kind of strange bird...or you turn into a really strange bird and find a really strange flock. Either way, keep the balancing act going and you're already winning at life. 

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsJ.K. Rowling

Sometimes the loudest lessons of all are completely silent. Listen to your own silence. Indulge your imagination. Believe in your thoughts. These things are your truths.

4. Alice's Adventures In WonderlandLewis Carroll

Every single person I've ever met has doubted themselves at one time or another. Most of us have even been through a period of seriously questioning what we were doing with our lives. If we'd have simply stopped off in Wonderland to think about it all until we figured it out, we'd have never made it through the looking glass. You just have to keep moving forward.

5. Charlotte's WebE. B. White

You can't see the world's wonders if you're not looking. 

6. Happy Birthday To You!Dr. Seuss

No one else will ever be able to be you. No one else will ever be able to see and experience the world in the exact way you do. Use your uniqueness for good. 

7. Where The Wild Things AreMaurice Sendak

There's definitely more to life than having everything: like sharing that everything with a family you'd trade it all in for anyway. 

8. Winnie the PoohA.A. Milne

As we get older, we tend to forget this about love. We try to explain it, understand it, dissect it...until it's gone. We think ourselves out of feeling before we let ourselves truly feel. And we think if someone can't tell us why they love us, they don't really mean it. Neither of these things help us love better. Remember that. 

9. The LoraxDr. Seuss

You don't have to care about everything, but care about something. 

10. Little WomenLouisa May Alcott

We're all still learning, and that's okay. 

11. The Little PrinceAntoine de Saint-Exupéry

You know what? Sometimes the caterpillars surprise you too. Don't forget that everyone has the power to change your life if you let them. 

12. Winnie the PoohA.A. Milne

As you grow older, the things get smaller and smaller and fill more and more of the space. You learn what is worth loving and what is worth leaving. 

13. The Velveteen RabbitMargery Williams Bianco

We all have a few less hairs than we used to. We all have pasts and pains and promises that have been broken. The people who really love us do so not despite these things, but because of them. These are the people to hang on to. 

14. Peter PanJ. M. Barrie

There are no truer words than these right here. 

15. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Roald Dahl

We all need fun. We all need adventure. We all need silliness with friends. These are things that make moments into memories. 

16. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis 

Who you are is who you are supposed to be. 

17. The Wonderful Wizard of OzL. Frank Baum

And when you do, don't ever forget.


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