Saturday, April 28, 2018

19 Pranks That Are As Evil As They Are Genius

I like to think of myself as something of a prankster. Not a prank master, but someone on their way to becoming one. These are the sorts of people that I need to be learning from. With a single strategic move, the enemy is knocked down and rendered powerless. Be warned: do not try these on the weak.

1. Don't mess with a woman's "back massager".

2. This is akin to The Chair of Torture. What is this, 1715?

3. Turns out the joke's on them; she sued Hooters for enough to buy any Toyota she wanted.

4. How to make literally everyone hate you. Everyone. 

5. RIP girl with the scissors. 

6. Troll ALL the women!

7. Some solid Photoshop skills while house-sitting will go a long way. 

8. Where would you even start here?

9. Hope they didn't have anywhere to be.

10. That takes a lot of balls. A lot. 

11. This is the WORST kind of person. 

12. On the plus side, they'll already be at the toilet when they crap their pants. 

13. It's just so beautiful. 

14. You do NOT mess with a person's donuts. 

15. Hope they're not afraid of balloons. 

16. Jesus Effing Christ.

17. Cleanup in Aisle Holy Crap.

18. The Office gone too far.

19. Because winter mornings aren't hard enough already. 


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