Tuesday, April 17, 2018

20 Viral Images That Are So Definitely Fake

The Internet is a great tool, and it has definitely contributed to society. But with the spread of the Internet there has also been a lot of fake information spread. These photos are viral, and you've probably seen them before. But bad news- they're fake. 100% Photoshopped fakeness. 

1. People think that this is from Hurricane Sandy, when it's actually from The Day After Tomorrow. 

2. This image of 'tourist guy' is Photoshopped. 

3. The Fairy Pools of Scotland

4. Japanese Moonmelon? Photoshop. 

5. The Tree of Life, which people think is a mystical tree in Asia, is in the Disney World Animal Kingdom. 

6. This image is from a flooded Kuwait Science Center, but those sharks are definitely 'shopped.

7. The story here is that a boy chained his bike to a tree before he went to war, and never came back. That story is made up. 

8. This isn't a hitchhiker from Woodstock. It's an ad for clothing. 

9. This isn't a photo of the actual JFK shooting. It's from the movie. 

10. Nope, this photo is of a porn star, taken in 2004. Women weren't supposed to wear pants in 1955, you think this would fly? 

11. Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as the Jokers? More like two dolls of the actors. 

12. Martin Luther King Jr. flipping the bird? He was doing a peace sign, and you can see where they Photoshopped it. 

13. Paris Hilton's tank was Photoshopped...it said "Stop Being Desperate," which isn't too much better. 

14. The story is that this boy is sleeping between his parent's graves. He is actually the photographer's nephew, and this was a photoshoot. 

15. Everyone thinks this is a long exposure shot of lightning hitting a tree. It's Photoshop!

16. This photo of a 'supermoon' has been Photoshopped. The moon has been magnified, and placed on the building. 

17. I feel like this one is pretty obviously Photoshopped, but as Abraham Lincoln once said, "people will believe anything they read on the Internet."

18. The pooping cheerleader was a fake, guys. Sorry. 

19. People think that this is Malaysian Airlines flight 17, which went down over Ukraine. It's actually a Photoshopped scene from Lost, which makes sense cause Ukraine is not a tropical beach. 

20. The image on the left is a composite of two images. 


Author: verified_user