Wednesday, April 18, 2018

23 Cheaters Who Didn't Come Out On Top

I know the title is "Cheaters Who Didn't Come Out On Top," but if I wasn't tied to strict title guidelines, it would read "Cheaters Never Come Out On Top." Needless to say, this is a list of philandering fools who were caught red-handed by their significant others. 

1. Her thesaurus game is on FUEGO

2. Six? That's generous

3. Karma comes in many forms 

In this particular instance, it came in the form of a 700-mile trip that included her friends, too

4. This is what it means to be caught red-handed in the truest sense of the saying

5. Fans of this sport are typically associated with spitting, heckling and fighting, but this was surprisingly good-natured

6. That's an expensive affair

7. Hope you like scavenger hunts 

8. Good luck denying it now

9. Apparently, this dude really loves Applebee's 

10. Target? Ew, keep it!

11. Bros looking out for bros

12. The pain of being cheated on is temporary, but that tattoo is forever

13. Two? I didn't know old man Ron had it in him

14. Deservedly so

There's no better way to get back at a cheating boyfriend than to have him see you on television holding this sign

15. A classic case of "it slipped my mind"

16. Which she clearly isn't very good at

17. Shame!

18. Was she?

19. Caught red-handed

20. "Answers to Jordan"


21. Yikes

22. That's shitty

23. Sadly, it wasn't the new paint job he was looking for


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