Friday, April 13, 2018

23 People Who Got Ripped Off

My mother always warned me never to take any wooden nickels, which I imagine means beware of people who might try to rip you off. 

It was sound advice, no doubt. 

Also, it was the kind of advice I imagine the people on this list wish they had heard before making the purchases they made. 

1. I can hardly tell what's pizza and what's cardboard 

2. Sweet slippers

3. I'm offended

4. Free underwear, too?

I call that a deal, not a rip-off

5. At least the box is real

6. More like five and a half

7. You can probably wipe your butt with that

8. Accurate

9. Devastating

10. Bummer

11. That two-person tent for children looks super comfy

12. Served! Served! SERVED!

13. Amazon is savage

14. Big fail

15. You get what you pay for

16. Crush is better than Sunkist, anyway

17. You got that right

18. Some kid's stormtrooper costume

Or is R2D2? I can't tell

19. Worked like a charm

20. What a deal

21. They always get ya

22. The bags aren't even half full

23. So sneaky


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