Friday, April 13, 2018

8 Ways You May Be Cool, But Not That Cool

Being cool is something that, well, it doesn't exactly come naturally to me. 

Unless I somehow get cool points for playing Dungeons and Dragons night on Wednesdays and visiting my mom on the weekends so she can help me plan my meals for the week, I'm not "classically cool."

Today, I wanted to step my game up by checking out what all the cool kids are up to. These are the levels of cool that I aspire to be one day! And you, you might be really cool, but if you can match up to any of the people on this list, then you are, as Outkast said, "ice cold." 

1. On fashion.

What's the most on-trend right now? If you didn't say "fashion inspired by macaroni and cheese," then you are sorely mistaken. 

2. On eXtreme sports.

There's only one kind of sports that matter in the realm of cool. You guessed it, air sports! Air sports is a thing, right? Cool.  

3. You may be cool, but you'll never be "Ziggy the dog riding a skateboard like it's nothin'" cool.

4. If Liam Neeson asks you for a favor, you definitely better do it!

How is this man so hot and so terrifying at the same time? I guess that just adds to his cool.

5. But getting Donny Darko himself to hold your dress up for you, that's a whole nother level!

Get you a man who will help you reach this level of extra. 

6. The Force is strong with him

♫ Mamma, ooo! 
"No, Freddy, I am your father."

7. Well, how do you top this? 

Is it just me, or are those the most majestic pigeons ever? I suppose Michael had a way of making everything around him shine as brilliantly as his bright white undies!

8. But of course, we have to end with the ultimate in cool...

So if any of these seem achievable to you, congratulations, you're cooler than me! 

What do you think the ultimate definition of cool is? Bowling-pin-juggling chimpanzees? Beyoncé in a scuba suit doing the YMCA for an all-platypus audience? Let us know in the comments, and as always, keep cool, you crazy cats.


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