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Conjoined Twins Who Were Given A Slim Chance At Survival Start School

Siamese twins, otherwise known as conjoined twins, are born one out of roughly 100,000 births. People are fascinated by this bizarre phenomenon where two children share the same body. While the condition is bizarre and captivating, everyone always holds out hope that the children can be separated, or live a somewhat normal life if they stay conjoined.

One set of conjoined twins, Ruby and Rosie Formosa, became famous when they were successfully separated at birth.

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Here are little Ruby and Rosie when they were first born in 2012.

They shared part of their abdomen as well as intestines.

At the time, doctors didn't expect that they would survive, but they attempted to separate them regardless.

Their mother, Angela Formosa, told the Daily Mail that "Having my babies taken off [sic] my almost immediately after they're born and not knowing if either would survive was heartbreaking."

The day after they were born, a team of 15 doctors successfully separated the twins after a five-hour procedure at London’s Great Ormond Street hospital

"When the doctors came out to say the surgery had been a success and that the girls were both fine, it was like the world had been lifted off our shoulders," said Angela.

Here are the twins after being successfully separated.

You can see how excited their older sister was to have them home!

You have to see their progression after being separated. This is incredible...

Here are Ruby and Rosie celebrating their 1st birthday.

Wow, look at those smiles. 

Another photo of the super cute twins enjoying their birthday at their home in Bexleyheath, England.

Well, even more time has passed since their 1st birthday, and the girls are starting school!

Ruby and Rosie are now four-years-old and are "very excited" to start class.

They even get to go to school with their older sister, Lily. 

You have to see the interview with the twins, their mother, and older sister...

You can't even tell that something as profound as a surgical separation happened to these two young girls.

Here are the twins with their mother Angela, and sister Lily, walking to school.

Angela Formosa told the Guardian that “four years ago it wasn’t in my mind that this would ever happen.”

It's nice to see such a harrowing medical situation turn out so well. They've grown up so fast!

Here's the video interview with the family!

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