Monday, April 9, 2018

Harambe-Shaped Cheeto Fetches $100,000 On eBay, For Real

Browsing eBay can be dangerous in the wee hours of the night. Credit cards never seem to be quite as full as they are, rent seems further away from needing to be paid, and everything you scroll past looks like a bargain. But you have to admit, there's a difference between fooling yourself into thinking you can afford another vintage typewriter and going absolutely insane getting caught up in bidding wars and ending up drowning in debt. And that bidding war craziness seems to have been in full effect for a "Harambe-shaped" Cheeto.

Listing a Flamin' Hot Cheeto as being "Harambe-shaped" on eBay might be one of the greatest marketing moves of all time.

With a little over a day left in the auction, bidding reached $11.99. From there, it looks like bidders went absolutely bananas for this supposedly "RARE - One of a Kind" Cheeto.

When all was said and done, all the 132 bids were in and the dust cleared, the Harambe-shaped Flamin' Hot Cheeto sold for $99,900. 

You read that correctly, and yes, this is real life. Somebody on eBay managed to sell a single Cheeto for just shy of six figures.

When you get to the point of a Cheeto, is it specifically Harambe-shaped, or just plain, ordinary gorilla-shaped? How many can even tell the difference between Harambe and another gorilla, for that matter? 

If that Cheeto is Harambe-shaped, then we've been buying Harambe-shaped crackers in every box of Animal Crackers for decades without even knowing it.

By the way, that's Harambe on the left.

Which all begs the question, how do you think the anonymous buyer will feel first thing in the morning?


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