Tuesday, April 17, 2018

His Little Girl Hated Her Cochlear Implant. What This Dad Did To Make Her Feel Better? It's Incredible.

Alistair Campbell, from Taupo Town District, New Zealand, wasn't alarmed when his two children were born with hearing impairments. Hearing loss was hereditary on the maternal side of his wife's family so it didn't come as a shock. Each child wears a hearing aid but that didn't stop Campbell's four-year-old from being particularly stressed about her own cochlear implant. 

Therefore, in classic dad fashion, Campbell had to do something to make her feel better. But what? 

To show his support, this incredible dad had his own cochlear implant tattooed in the spot a real one would be.  

Charlotte, now six, received a second implant two years after the first. 

How couldn't you assume a character like this would do something so amazing? 

And, although his tattoo is largely covered up by hair two years later...

...he has zero qualms about shaving it again to show his love and support. 

When the New Zealand Herald asked Campbell why he did it he said, "My love for her really...my hair can grow back." 

And maybe Campbell managed to start a trend? Look at this dad showing his love and posting it online also! 

Main and collage image via Dean Purcell / New Zealand Herald


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