Monday, April 9, 2018

Insane Chinese Building Demolition Shows Why OSHA Exists

How you treat your workers usually bears out in the final product. No employers actively treat their workers poorly, but sometimes it might seem that way to the folks on the production floor. If you want to know which companies treat their employees well, look to their safety record. It's not rocket science – companies that care don't take risks with their workers' well-being. 

Sadly, without laws in place, some companies would feel more inclined to take those risks. Just look at the areas of the world where such laws don't exist. You don't want a hazardous job there if you can help it. For example, take a look at this demolition site in China. Anybody think they'd get away with this in America?

This building in China had to come down, but implosion must not have been an option because a small crew with a couple of excavators were put to the task.

Unfortunately, it didn't go quite according to plan. When the excavators pushed off a chunk of the corner, the rebar wasn't ready to let go.

How do they fix it? Send one poor fellow over the side riding the excavator's arm to take care of it.

He's sort of tied off, and they're all wearing hard hats, so nothing wrong here, right?

Yeah, he's not just a couple of floors up – this is a serious situation.

And do you think anything could possibly happen when that giant chunk of concrete comes smashing down at the base of the building?

Luckily it all worked out for this guy. 

Check out the full, crazy video below!


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