Saturday, April 7, 2018

Photographer Captures Beauty In More Than 15 Countries Around The World

Sometimes in Western society, we become too accustomed to a particular style or beauty ideal and forget that beauty comes in so many different forms. If you've taken the time to travel the world, you'll know firsthand that beauty varies so much from country to country. Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc recently traveled to 37 different countries around the world with the aim to show what beauty means in different cultures.
Let's take a look at Noroc's photo series "The Atlas of Beauty."

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1. Estefania from Medellin, Colombia.

When describing her photography project, Noroc said that "My goal is to show that beauty is in our differences, not in trends, money or race."

2. Giulia from Sardinia, Italy.

3. Fidan from Baku, Azerbaijan. 

4. A woman from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 

5. Woman from Yangon, Myanmar. 

6. A woman from the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan. 

7. Mongolia. 

8. Havana, Cuba.

9. Woman from the Amazon Rainforest. 

10. Omo Valley, Ethiopia. 

11. San Francisco, USA.

12. Medellin, Colombia. 

13. A Kurdish woman from Istanbul, Turkey.

14. Romania.

15. Latvia. 

16. Athina from Athens, Greece. 


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