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She Lost Her Leg After A Roller Coaster Accident, But Now She Feels Sexier Than Ever

There are things about ourselves we feel good and bad about. There are ways for us to enhance even our best qualities and cover up certain things we might see as flaws. Self-esteem and confidence are very delicate things, and they are often lost when someone's body changes in a way they weren't hoping for or never imagined would happen. 

One woman used to be confident, but after an accident, she struggled to look at herself the same way again. So when an opportunity to put herself out there came along, she took it and it ended up being the best thing for her. The one thing that killed her confidence also helped her get it back better and stronger than before.

In 2015, The Smiler roller coaster at Alton Towers crashed.

Five people were injured, including 21-year-old Vicky Balch.

She had to have her right leg amputated and go through many operations.

But she was able to learn to walk again thanks to a motorized bionic leg.

Vicky’s friend had won a competition and was given the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Andrew Wood Photography.

She told Vicky she should do it instead to boost her spirits. While Vicky was nervous, she agreed. 'I wanted to do it; l never say no to anything but I didn't know if I'd look sexy... I had no idea."

She was worried about how she’d be treated at the shoot because of her leg.

She and her mom went lingerie shopping, unsure of what she would look good in, and topped it off with a black platform shoe. Vicky decided against wearing her bionic leg for the shoot.  

After two weeks of waiting for the photos to be processed, Vicky finally got to see the outcome.

She didn’t expect the photos to make her feel as amazing as she did. “I cried my eyes out - I was amazed. I didn't even think I'd look like that [again] - straight away there were tears.”

Vicky was confident about her body before, but after putting on some weight she lost confidence.

She thought she’d never feel sexy again after the accident, but now she feels sexier than ever!

Before the crash, Vicky had been dating her longtime friend.

He was there to support her through operations and physio, but their relationship never progressed.

 But now she has a current boyfriend after meeting him on Tinder.

The couple is very much in love, but Vicky didn’t intend on meeting someone. “I wasn't looking for a relationship, I just wanted some reassurance.”

As for The Smiler, the park has reopened the ride just nine months after the crash.

Vicky had commented that the park was more concerned with money than the safety of people.

“'I've never wanted it to reopen, that's just the obvious reaction. I'm not angry or bitter about it because I understand it's a business and it's what they have to do.

“'It cost a lot of money and they have to reopen it so it is something that needed to happen.

“I just didn't think it'd be so soon, it's only nine months, it isn't a very long time.”

Even after a horrific accident, Vicky was able to overcome the challenges of healing.

Vicky was always beautiful, but she had to see it and realize it for herself. That is the kind of empowerment every woman deserves.

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