Friday, April 13, 2018

This Teacher Gave Her Students A Chance To Be Creative On The Last Day Of School

Every single day, there are teachers all over the world doing incredibly cool things for our children.

Too often though, these things go unnoticed. 

The ways teachers encourage, support, and inspire our children are sadly overshadowed by the pressures of standardized exams and funding issues...I could go on and on...

...but not here, not now. Right now, we're celebrating one specific teacher who has gone above and beyond to ensure her first grade class had a last day of school that they'll never forget.

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This is first grade teacher Chris-ShaRee Castlebury. 

She wanted to do something special for her class on the last day of school. 

She wanted it to be original too! So...

...she put on a white dress...and let her students start drawing on it! 

Her little artists let their creativity go wild! 

Can you even imagine how fun this was to do? 

See the dress up close on the next page!

Castlebury had a great time too! After she got home, she posted this to Facebook: "My first idea that is original!! This is all artwork courtesy of MY first grade class! Who am I wearing? ROOM 219💜💗💙 Happy last day of school with my precious Picasso's!"

The day was filled creating memories that won't soon fade. 

The happiness of her students nearly leaps right off of her dress. 

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It was a day that inspired her students to express themselves in any way they wanted.

It was a day that has since inspired others too! I can only imagine how many teachers will be wearing white dresses next year! 


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