Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tom Hardy Reveals How He's Damaged His Body

Doesn't it kind of seem like Tom Hardy became famous overnight? But the truth is, he's put a lot of work into his career, and he didn't find success until much later with Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. But now he's an Oscar-nominated actor who also has a reputation for doing action movies! According to Tom, being an actor is tough and it's not all fun and games. Keep reading to find out how acting has damaged his body!

Ever since making it big, Tom Hardy has been very busy! 

Every year, he has movies that are released to critical acclaim.

2017 has barely started, and Tom is already busy promoting his next project, Taboo

During an interview, Tom revealed that he might've wrecked his body, and we're worried! 

Tom revealed that years of constantly training to transform his body for roles has left it damaged.

In his early career, Tom was fairly slim. You can see it in Band of Brothers. 

But he fears that the sudden bulking up to play an MMA fighter in Warrior and a super villain in The Dark Knight Rises has scarred his body. 

 "I’ve probably damaged my body too much. I’m only little! If I keep putting on weight I’ll collapse like a house of cards under too much pressure."

"I think you pay the price with any drastic physical changes. It was alright when I was younger to put myself under that kind of duress, but I think as you get into your 40s you have to be more mindful of the rapid training..."

"And then after the film I’m tired, and you maybe have to change your shape again and go back to your normal size for the next film."

"To go from one extreme to another has a cost. I haven’t damaged my body, but I’m certainly a bit achier than I used to be!"

Let's hope Tom takes care of himself! We need him to make more amazing movies! SHAREif you love Tom Hardy!


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