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Unaware He Was Allergic, Man Dies From Bee Sting

Unaware He Was Allergic, Man Dies From Bee Sting

Gardening is a cumbersome but relaxing endeavor. Being able to bring life to so many plants and nurture them is beautiful, especially if you're growing bright flowers! Even if gardening isn't your cup of tea, I'm sure everyone can agree that a nice garden is an amazing addition to any home. With a beautiful garden inevitably comes bees, though. Bees are absolutely necessary to have, but some of them are a bit too defensive. Unfortunately for this Tampa Bay man, the bees were defending their hive hidden inside his garden.

It was just any other day for John Clarke, but sadly, it was going to be his last. John was just watering his garden outside his home in Tampa Bay, Florida. All of a sudden he was stung four times by yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are the mean ones who aren't plump and fuzzy. They also go by the name "wasp," and are capable of stinging multiple times. Unfortunately for John Clarke, he had an allergy to bee stings. The worst part about his allergy? Neither he nor his wife knew about it, so they didn't act appropriately. After being stung, John went inside and told his wife about the sting. Within one hour, John began to feel numbness and was overcome by a difficulty to breathe. As he gasped for air, John told his wife that he loved her.

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12 Rare Facts About 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Theme Song

12 Rare Facts About 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Theme Song

If you were around in the 1990s and can remember that far back, you likely know The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. "Now this is a story all about how/My life got flipped-turned upside down", the opening lyrics go as a young Will Smith raps us into the opening title sequence of the show. What you might not be familiar with, however, are the many surprising facts surrounding this iconic TV theme song. Here are 12 facts about it! 

1. The theme song's actual title is, "Yo Home To Bel-Air" and was written by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. The two were a Grammy-winning, performing hip-hop duo before the show was created.  

2. The song only took around 15 minutes to produce and has 344 words for its lyrics. 

Jazzy Jeff explained that because they already had a concept for the song laid out from the TV show, it didn't take them any time to get their work done. Within three weeks, the song was on air as the opening for the show. 

3. DJ Jazzy Jeff plays the song at most of his DJ gigs each year. 

In an interview he said, "I do anywhere from 160 to a 180 DJ dates a year and I can assure you that I play it 98 percent of the time, just out of necessity."

4. It was #3 on the Top 10 Pop charts in the Netherlands in 1992. 

The song remained in the top 40 singles chart for a total of 10 weeks.

5. In fact, the Netherlands is one of the few places you can buy a physical CD of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' soundtrack. 

It was exclusively printed in the country in 1992 and can otherwise be found on a few compilations or be downloaded online. 

6. The song caused a school lock-down. 

When a receptionist at a Pennsylvania high school called a student to remind him of an appointment, the receptionist got his voice mail instead. The student was singing the theme song in the voicemail and instead of hearing, "shooting some b-ball outside of the school," the receptionist misheard it as, "shooting some people outside of school". She notified authorities and the school was put on lockdown. The student was arrested but later released.  

7. Will Smith has performed the song twice on Britain's The Graham Norton Show. 

In 2013 he was joined by his son Jaden Smith, co-star Alfonso Ribiero, and DJ Jazzy Jeff as they all did the Carlton Dance. 

8. In fact, Will Smith has even wowed the Ellen Degeneres crowd with a surprise performance. 

It amazing how the crowd always knows all the lyrics.

9. The song continues to hook new generations. 

The current most watched video of the song on YouTube has over 24 million views. 

10. There's an extended version of "Yo Home To Bel-Air" that includes additional verses. 

The extended version of the song aired in the first three episodes and was then replaced by the shorter version. 

11. Also, despite debate, that wasn't the show's producer as the cabbie in the opening credits. 

While some sites say that producer Quincy Jones was the cabbie, Jada Pinkett Smith and Quincy's own daughter say it ain't so. 

12. The Bank's House seen in the theme's opening sequence, isn't actually in Bel-Air 

Nope, it's in Brentwood. 

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16 Puppies Who Have Given Up On Life

16 Puppies Who Have Given Up On Life

I don't know from experience, but I imagine the life of a dog can be pretty ruff. All that walking, chasing balls, getting your belly rubbed and your snoot booped on the daily, when can you catch a break? You could just imagine them saying, "throw me a bone here, literally!" Well, today we're giving man's best friend a break and letting them just give up a little. Plop down, collapse, relax, whatever they gotta do. The advantage is, we get to bask in their glorious cuteness while they take a load off. What else is great about these pics is the fact that at times, we can see ourselves in their expressions and mannerisms, and it makes my face and heart laugh! So share this with the dog lovers in your life and enjoy these lil' paw-fect pups...

1. It's been a long day at the office...

2. Is she sleeping? Or working on her airplane impression?

3. This is basically all I wanna do when I come home from work too

4. "Give it to me straight doc, are you ever gonna give me those treats???"

We're just gettin' started! We've got a whole lot more pups lined up for ya...

5. "Yes, Janet, I've heard the story of how you bought those shoes on sale a hundred times"

6. Ever been so tired you don't even make it all the way to the bed?

7. A lot of these pups seem to be really into the whole "bed and breakfast" thing

8.  Every time my friends try to get me to exercise with them, they give me the same look for doing the same thing

These poor lil' pups! Let's keep digging!

9. "Arrrgh, I knew that fifth slice of pizza was a bad idea..."

10. "I don't know if this is the best place to take a nap, but at this point, I really don't care..."

11. Either this puppy has no more cares to give, or these shoes are so smelly they'll knock you out!

12. Putting the restback in armrest

Ride on through to the last page, you can make it, little guy!

13. He's either given up or become a master at planking

14. The look you give when your mom won't pull over for ice cream

15. Instead of looking for a balance between sleeping and eating, why not just combine the two?

16. And these are the last of the puppies we have lined up for ya today.

We all have that one friend, amirite? 

Why Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri In Years

Why Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri In Years

Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise has been making the headlines lately. It's been said that Tom has gone a VERY long time without seeing his daughter, Suri. We're talking hundreds of days long time. We got to the bottom of why this is happening.  With excuses ranging from a busy work schedule, to the Church of Scientology standing in the way, here's exactly what's been going on! 

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It's been more than ten years since Tom Cruise announced his love to Katie Holmes so famously on Oprah. A lot has changed since that day. 

2006 was a busy year for TomKat as they welcomed their daughter Suri into the world. They also got married in a Scientology ceremony. 

In 2012, the famous couple divorced. Now it's been said that Tom hasn't seen his daughter in YEARS. We've got the dirt on why:

Tom doesn't go out of his way. It's been reported that Tom has been in VERY close proximity to Suri, but doesn't bother to go see her. 

Tom has had over half a dozen films to focus on since 2012. Being this busy means missing Suri's birthday – for the third year in a row. 

After Katie sent Tom packing, it meant he had a nasty custody arrangement to deal with. He's only allowed to see his daughter if he follows certain guidelines, which have been made private to the public.

It's widely known that Cruise is an advocate for the Church of Scientology. Because of this, Katie wanted to protect Suri, so she divorced Tom. This plays into why Tom has not seen Suri in so long.

Major rumors are swirling around the relationship between Katie and Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The thing is, Jamie and Tom were close friends, which may make visits kind of awkward. 

Ultimately, we have no real evidence that Tom is or isn't seeing Suri in private. 

Tom admits that although it's not a good parenting substitute, he does have phone conversations with Suri, which is at least something. 

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Main image via Daily Mail

Collage image via Tumblr / stephaniesoteriou

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This Company Creates Custom Barbies With Nicer Hair Than All Of Us

This Company Creates Custom Barbies With Nicer Hair Than All Of Us

Some artists use paint and canvas as their mediums of choice. But for Rafinha Silva, creator of The Royal Dolls, he makes insanely realistic art using Barbies. 

Rafinha uses different parts of different Barbies to create custom dolls for his clients. From their made-up faces to their chic outfits to their insanely gorgeous hair, Rafinha's dolls are giving our '90s Barbies a serious run for their money. 

This custom beauty is named "Dadi," and has the trendiest silver-blonde hair ever.

Looking for hair inspiration? Well, look no further than this candy-colored 'do on "Conka." 

Want a doll with shining, pastel, unicorn-inspired hair? Rafinha can make it happen. 

Rafinha even makes dolls modeled after your favorite Disney characters. Check out Snow White's luscious locks! 

These caramel-colored curls and her striking green eyes are giving me life.

Boho Barbie looks gorgeous with her rainbow-colored locks and dreamy flower crown.

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