Saturday, May 26, 2018

11 Pictures That Have To Be Explained

Have you ever looked at something that took a few seconds to figure out what was going on? Sadly, this happens to me constantly. For most people, this happens when a picture or situation involves two or more elements that have never gone together before. Other times, the brain is left stumped by something that is so unique that it deserves some extra attention. 

Here are 11 pictures that have some explainin' to do. Get ready for some pretty bizarre yet interesting pictures!

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1. At first glance, I really had no clue what was going on here.

This happens to be a tarantula that was taken over by a fungus called Cordyceps.

2. At first, it may just look like a typical dinosaur fossil. 

This 74 million-year-old fossil shows a battle between a Velociraptor and Protoceratops that was locked in time by a landslide.

3. This picture was released by the U.S. Government (Secret Service) in 1944 to show how Hitler might disguise himself if he were to avoid capture.

4. This happens to be the most beautiful skull I have ever seen. What's going on, though?

If any object sits in a salt lake for long enough, a layer of salt will attach itself to the surface. This skull was likely in this salt lake for a verrrry long time.

5. Now this one is super bizarre. This is a picture of a 17-foot python caught in the Florida everglades pregnant with 87 eggs.

6. What may look like a sweeping field of wheat is actually just a man's arm hair after sanding some cabinets.

7. Okay, this looks like a fish or whale of some kind, but I'm thoroughly confused.

This is an enormous scar on a Humpback whale's back. It's entirely possible that it was caused by a boat's propeller.

8. Zombie bird? 

Nope, just a golden eagle eating a snake. What a shot!

9. This terrifying skull actually belonged to Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as "Elephant Man."

The odd bone formation was caused by a condition known as Proteus syndrome, which can also cause skin overgrowth.

10. In case you don't know who "Elephant Man" was, here is a picture of him from 1889.

11. Nightmarish creature from your dreams?

This happens to be a saddleback caterpillar, one of the most intimidating yet beautiful creatures on this planet.

12. You may be wondering why on earth there are this many beautiful red crabs in one place.

Every year on Christmas Island, millions of red crabs flood populate towns to look for mates. At times, the crabs have outnumbered people on the island 20,000 to 1.

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