Monday, May 21, 2018

12 Hospitals That Decked Their Halls For Christmas

The holidays can be tough if you or a family member has to spend them in the hospital, but that doesn't mean the patients and staff can't bring a little cheer! Here are some of the most creative and funny examples I could find!

1. If you're lacking in floor space, make a 2D tree on a door!

All the fingers on surgical gloves can mimic the branches. I'd start hoarding boxes of the green gloves now!

2. Paper cups make an adorable snowman!

The face is a little creepy though...

3. Add prescription bottles to string lights.

There are premade ones for purchase, but these would be a cinch to DIY.

4. You can make a wreath out of almost anything.

Even plastic urinals.

5. Test tubes can also make a very festive wreath!

6. A very clever Rudolph!

He looks slightly embarrassed with himself.

7. Get creative with garlands.

Everyone will get a chuckle when they see it!

8. Even the skeleton models get in on the fun!

But Jack, what happened to your arm?

9. Another clever Christmas tree.

You can blow up gloves to make a 3D tree if you have the space for it. 

10. Build an entire Santa!

The gloves make a great beard, too!

11. Get everyone involved!

This hospital hosts a tree decorating contest between the different wards. I think we have a winner!

12. It's a tradition that goes back decades!

This photo is from 1931. Look at the DIY snowman! 


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