Wednesday, May 23, 2018

12 Incredible Photos That Come Close To Communicating The Miracle Of Birth

To many, the actual moment of a baby's birth is the most emotional, beautiful, and ultimately human moment that exists in the world. Most would say that no writer can put this experience into words, no musician can put it into song, and no person can adequately explain it. But what about a photographer? It's certainly true that a photo says a thousand words, but of those thousand, are there the appropriate ones to communicate the miracle that is giving birth? 

Recently, The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) held their annual Image of the Year Competition and it's safe to say these portrayals more than adequately capture the moment of and surrounding birth. Winners were selected by a panel of judges, and these photos demonstrate the inexplicably intense but undeniably beautiful nature of bringing life into this world.  

Winning photos were chosen by the quality of technicality, emotionality and composition. Listed below are category winners and additional entries. See what you think of these dynamic, eclectic, and raw images of love.   

1. "Transition" by Snap Life Photography. 

 Whether they're tears of joy or of pain, they're beautiful. 

2. "Mymmy's Little Doula" by Lacey Barratt Photography. 

When a little girl is about to become a big sister. 

3. "Support" by Ashton Renee Photography. 

When three people are about to become one. 

4. "Power" by Thistle + Lace Photography. 

This expression honors the strength and determination of mothers everywhere. 

5. "O MY WORD!!!" by Genesis Birth Photography.

The people surrounding mothers-to-be can be just as expressive. 

6. "The Goddess: she looks within to draw strength" by Emma Jean Photography.

Well, that title covers it. 

7. "Technology saves the day (and the baby)" by Melissa Jean Photography. 

They may be few, but there can be moments of fun. 

8. "She's here!" by Blue Muse Photo. 

The utter, utter joy. 

9. "Pause" by Erin Monroe Photography. 

Everyone needs a little time to collect themselves. 

10. "Where peace begins" by Natalia Walth Photography. 

This incredible image was the winner in the Postpartum Category. 

11. "The Surge" by Apple Blossom Families.

The intensity we see here took home the prize in the Labor Category. And rightfully so. 

12. "Underwater birth, baby with gorgeous curly hair" by Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie. 

This astoundingly beautiful photo won best overall in the competition. 

Main image via International Association of Professional Birth Photographers | Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie

Collage image via International Association of Professional Birth Photographers | Apple Blossom Families


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