Sunday, May 20, 2018

16 Cats That Prove Just How Stupid And Lovable They Really Are

Cats are magnificent, glorious, idiotic, tiny devils. Wanna know the difference between a cat person and a dog person? Call a dog an idiot and a dog person will lose it. Call a cat an idiot and a cat person will just shrug and nod in agreement. Just because you call something stupid doesn't mean you don't love it. Should you for some odd reason disagree with me, these 16 pictures will change your mind. Otherwise, just don't talk to me. I have a cat to snuggle anyway.

1. This is what owning a cat looks like.

Does she look confused? 'Cause she is and no matter how long you have a cat for, you will always be confused.

2. The only way to eat.

While this looks like more effort, I'm not going to tell him how to live his life. You do you.

3. Me and my friends.

I'm the hot one.

4. Who is she?

I need to learn her secrets for such perfect contouring. 

5. There are few things a cat will wake up for.

Tiny plastic soldiers are not one of those things.

6. Google firefighters saving cats.

All cute pics. And then this one. The cat is the one who set the fire, and he'd do it again.

7. I don't know what is going here.

Pretty much what my reaction would be if I saw this on the streets.

8. How to grow cats.

This is a freshly harvested cat. They are quite timid at first, but with time they will learn to dominate you and your home.

9. Kisses?

I love it when they do that thing and reject my affection. So cute.

10. What even are cats?

This pretty much sums it up for you.

11. Caught mid-sneeze.

So beautiful. This is what I strive to look like when I sneeze.

12. Also sneezing?

Not sure what this is, but I am very happy it exists. 

13. He's so ready.

Although I think that's just butter in a hot dog bun...he's still ready.


She tried, sitting all human-like. But she will never be human.

15. They may act all mighty and powerful...

Really they just fake it. They get freaked out by the simplest things. Like cucumbers. 

16. But they're still terrifying.

Cats are from the depths of hell. But like...the stupid part.

Main image via reddit / Sunbeams14

Collage image via Tumblr / todd-johnson


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