Sunday, May 27, 2018

16 Nail Stencils To Spruce Up Your Fingertips

I'll be the first to admit that I'm completely nail-obsessed. When a single chip or scratch threatens my manicure, I pretty much can't rest until it's corrected. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I discovered the wonderful world of nail stencils. The pretty, patterned nail wraps that appear on this list will instantly satisfy anyone's craving for a unique nail look. I basically want ALL of these stencils so hit up Jamberry (@jamberry) if you're as tempted to whip out your credit card as I am. Curious to see what all of the hype is about? Keep on scrolling for 16 intricate and fabulous nail stencils that will definitely help you step up your manicure game.

1. These metallic gold and white nail stencils are super glam. This would be an amazing pattern for wallpaper, just saying.

2. This manicure is so tropical and cheery! These stencils are basically a must for your next vaycay.

3. Chrome everything is super popular this year. This metallic silver mani is so modern and edgy.

4. These lights-inspired nail stencils are perfect for the holidays! I love the subtle glitter effect.

5. These metallic gold and star nail stencils are SO much fun. Sign me up for a manicure like this one.

6. These peacock and glitter ombré nail stencils are amazing. Those colors are seriously beautiful. 

7. These Queen of Hearts nail stencils are so vampy. Paired with a red lip, this is a showstopping beauty look.

8. These lace and sequin nail stencils are stunningly sparkly. This would be the perfect nail look for a New Year's Eve party.

9. Metallic and polka dots? Seriously, what could be cuter?! 

10. These patterned, multicolor stencils are so bright and cheery. How could you not be in a good mood with fingertips this fabulous?

11. These marble, turquoise nail stencils are so mesmerizing. I adore the white and gold accent nail.

12. I love the negative space effect in these sparkling silver nail stencils. I so want to copy this manicure look.

13. These intricate designs are so eye-catching. I love how each one is slightly different! 

14. These American flag-inspired nail stencils are pretty and patriotic! Can you think of a more perfect Fourth of July manicure?

15. I love how these glittering monarch butterfly stencils were done in purple instead of the traditional orange. So feminine! 

16. These delicate, floral nail stencils would be the perfect look for a summer music festival. The white and gold accents nails were the perfect complement! 


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