Tuesday, May 15, 2018

16 People Caught Dead To Rights

Honesty is a catch 22. On the one hand, telling the truth is how many of us were raised — shout to my mother. Conversely, the truth can make a bad situation worse. Is it acceptable to tell a lie if the situation demands it? This is the very foundation the white lie was built on, is it not? I believe the saying goes, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. Or maybe you prefer "what they don't know won't hurt them"? While I acknowledge that there are valid arguments for dishonesty, I am in no way condoning it (mother reads these sometimes, and she'd kill me if I didn't preface with that), I am merely playing devil's advocate for the liars and philanderers who made the list. 

1. Sneaky kid thought he would get to the cookie jar when his mom wasn't looking


2. Well that's embarrassing

Although when she finds out she'll probably put a hole in him with that riffle

3. Nice try, creepo

4. What I would give to be a fly on the wall for this conversation

5. Exposed as a creep on live television

You had a good run, though

6. "Babe, you said this was our special place"

7. Trolls never let anything slip

8. The real question is why the hell is your boss creeping you out on Tinder?

9. She's very familiar with Target's inventory, apparently

10. A dead giveaway

11. Joke thieves are the worst kind of criminals

I hate myself for it

12. Foiled again by the power of science and deductive reasoning

13. The Natty Ice was what gave him up

They don't sell that in VIP

14. Like hell you are

15. It was worth the trouble

16. Wedding ring? Oh, noooww I remember 


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