Thursday, May 24, 2018

16 People Struggling To Get To Tomorrow

If life were peaches and cream, there wouldn't be a need for dreams. Unfortunately for you and I, some days really do take a toll on us. Whether it be physically in the form of spilling piping hot coffee over your pants or the emotional strain of explaining to your co-workers that you've had an incident not involving your fully functioning bladder.

Whatever the case, we do have a way of picking up all the pieces and forging success for the next day. Though until that happens, you just have to deal with it like these next people just struggling to get by.

1. When the wife snaps the perfect shot of your feelings about air travel.

The universe has a way of showing our true colors sometimes. As if his facial expression didn't tell the whole story already.

2. His spidey senses are dwindling.

A recent drop in crime rates has left Spidey without a job or sense of purpose.

3. This is a HUGE accident just waiting to happen.

Girl, get that coffee in ya and start thinking straight, please!

4. Ouch!

Here's hoping they didn't break the chair by sitting on it because... Well, just look at it!

5. When your puppy makes your Roomba redundant.

Wonder who's responsible for this intricate mess?

6. This hurts my grammar loving brain.

I'm not sure what's worse, the use of "it's" or the name "Jon Bovi."

7. When you walk in on your friend at a house party.

"Uh, excuse me, kinda busy here! You can close that door now."

8. Will he make it?

All signs point to nope.

9. This is how to lose all trust from your younger brother.

Same day your little bro's dreams of being a rally car co-driver vanished into thin air.

10. In Japan, the clothes judge you!

Ouch. What's wrong with plain ol' large?

11. When you can't even trust your calculator anymore.

Please excuse my dear aunt Sally, she knows which is the correct calculator.

12. I trust you, trust me.

Even if he didn't, gotta give him points for being so eloquent about it.

13. Won't you tell us how you really feel?

Well, whenever I feel completely useless, the feeling is mutual.

14. Looking to get a golden tan?

How about a shower instead.

15. Hitting the bottom of the barrel.

Based on their spelling of 'spoon,' this is probably the least of their worries for the day.

16. It's your lucky day!

Well, that was extremely short-lived.

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