Friday, May 18, 2018

16 Saturday Morning Cartoon Animals IRL

If there's one thing that we all looked forward to as kids, it was the Saturday morning cartoon lineup! Getting up super early on a Saturday seemed like a great idea at the time, even though it's basically a nightmare these days, and we had all the best cartoons growing up. These pics are all about the animal cartoon characters we knew and loved, mostly because they're the cutest! We also threw in a couple from the classic cartoons in the newspaper's funnies sections. You know, the only thing you cared about newspapers for as a kid? 

Let us know what your favorite animal cartoon character was in the comments, and if you can find any pictures, even better! But for now, I think you're really gonna enjoy these classic Saturday morning cartoon animals...

1. Raphael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga! Maybe not as fast as the cartoon, but definitely dressed for the part!

2. Winnie the Pooh

Just takin' it easy and keepin' it smiley...

3. Marmaduke 

Oh, Marmaduke, you're too big for that chair! What a goof.

4. Tom and Jerry

A tomcat and a jerry mouse, it was a match made in cartoon heaven. Perfect.

5. Garfield and Odie

Maybe this cat isn't quite as fat as the cartoon Garfield, but a few more pounds of lasagna and he'll be there in no time!

6. Felix the Cat

I always thought Felix had that old-school cool charm about him. Having him as a pet would be a party every day! 

7. The Pink Panther

I can't think of this cartoon without thinking of that sweet theme song. 

8. Scooby Doo

Zoinks! I'd say this one's, like, pretty bang on, Scoob!

9. Donald Duck

One of the best-dressed animals on this list, this duck is the best cosplayer in the game!

10. Yogi Bear

"Hey there, Ranger! Mind if I come in for a pic-a-nic basket or two???"

11. Rocko's Modern Life

A deep cut from the '90s, I remember being a huge fan of Rocko and his misfortunes as a kid. I never knew that wallabies are so cute IRL!

12. Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner  

He's a genius, but a very unfortunate one...

13. Sylvester and Tweety

Sufferin' suckatash! He may not be the same color, but this Sylvester definitely has the same spirit! 

14. Arthur and DW

Did you know these guys are aardvarks? Well probably, but did you know how freaking ugly aardvarks actually are??? 

15. Timon and Pumbaa

Not only famous for the Lion Kingmovies, they did, in fact, have a Saturday morning cartoon show! 

16. But I'll tell ya, it's not always easy to find these animals IRL — and sometimes when you do, it's a little underwhelming... 


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