Friday, May 4, 2018

16 Times People Got The Best Revenge After Getting Dumped

Most of us have experienced a breakup at some point in our life. Even the good ones, if they exist, aren't great, but sometimes they get really messy. Some people get really pissed off and seek revenge for their heartbreak, especially if they've been cheated on. Sometimes they're funny and other times they are downright savage. 

Whisper collects people's anonymous confessions about the ways they got revenge on their exes. 

Here are 16 of the funniest, meanest and craziest ways people got revenge on their exes. 

1. That is nasty! 

I bet they were never able to wash that smell out. 

2. The kissy face was probably counter-productive. 

He likely got fewer calls than she thinks. 

3. This probably got messy. 

4. This is pretty genius. 

Wonder how long it took him to figure it out. 

5. Breaking up through text is never the way. 

6. That would be one chilly, awkward bike ride. 

7. Painful and savage. 

At least he was already there, so he could get it covered up. 

8. Why did they have to involve the friend?

9. You know things are serious when your mom gets involved. 

10. Ruthless. 

11. The best part about this one is that guy probably didn't even know. 

12. Now everyone will know! 

13. Seems like the right decision to me. 

14. Happy birthday to him. 

15. We can only hope he learned his lesson. 

16. What a sucker. 


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