Friday, May 11, 2018

24 Pics So Funny They Hurt

Have you ever gotten laugh cramps? Have you ever had giggle wheezes? Have you ever guffawed so hard you thought you might explode? Well, if not, prepare yourself because you're in for a world of pain! Hurts so goooood! 

1. This cat's life is better than my childhood 

2. Looks like Oscar the Grouch and the Cookie Monster have a love child 

3. That's one fineeee root vegetable 

4. Lack of sleep can lead to some funny things

5. No to everything about this

6. Whatever works, I guess...

7. That's some big wood you got from the waist down...

8. Mystery solved? 

9. Cat dog?!

10. I'm enjoying this one wayyyy too much

11. How's that six pack coming along?

12. Look behind you, Mom!

13. I want a pancake the size of my head

14. Bigger than a dorm room, I guess...

15. Well that escalated quickly

16. Some kinda freaky Friday stuff going on here...

17. "I thought we were doing a funny one..."

18. Do I have to spell it out for ya?

19. You dare disturb me, human?!

20. At least grandpa is having fun...

21. What a quack

22. Woah! Watch out for this one

23. We can't all be artists 

24. Oh don't mind me...


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