Friday, May 25, 2018

25 Hilarious Things People Have Actually Had To Apologize For

I was going to cheap out here and just post literally any Adele lyrics by way of an intro, but then I felt like I'd want to apologize for that, and apologizing for underachieving on an article about apologies just seemed way too meta and also indicative of my life at this point that I decided against it. 

Apologies are interesting in that they can be both very heartfelt and touching AND absolutely worthless, depending on the intentions behind them. For example, you recently went through a breakup that stemmed primarily from your own bad behavior, and you still want to win the other person back. You formulate your apology (the same one, for the sake of the two coming situations) and ring up your ex, ask for a sit-down and deliver the many ways in which you regret your actions and how they've negatively affected your relationship. Good on ya, friendo, you're half way there.

Now, the sincerity of your apology comes in the next step. If you apologize solely because you want the other person to know how bad you ACTUALLY feel and how you regret hurting them, and then accept that you might have to watch them walk away from you all over again and be okay with that, you've delivered a sincere apology. If on the other hand, you bitch and moan and whine and flail and get angry with that person for not simply hopping back into the love boat with a hole in it with you, then you're a self-serving, manipulative bastard. Sorry!

1. When censorship makes you post signs in an accent!

2. Man — rough day!

3. I see a theme developing here

4. "Sorry we went broke...we'll be going now..."

5. We all know why he's getting her to eat pineapple, don't front!

6. Plot twist: he had it made beforehand and presented it shortly after the offence!

7. Yo, straight up, don't worry! Bacon? We good!

8. Next time on Sons Of Apology...

9. Either a woman on her period or a man quitting smoking. 

10. The true currency of relationships

11. With a name like that, I'd say he was born to do this!

12. As well you should be!

13. Who arranges the body parts like that?

14. How about we forget the cake and you get some ointment as an apology, huh?

15. You know what, I think George would have been cool without the apology!

16. Cake, green AND BACON! We REALLY good, homie!

17. Cake and cake, my two favorite things!

18. The only thing more Canadian than a Canadian is a British person in a crowded room!

19. Talk about a CASH JOB, amirite?

20. Typical, dry British humour. Even countries got Dad jokes! 

21. Ummm...don't worry about it?

22. This is the one you mutter on your way out so you can tell yourself later that you won the fight!

23. No way she wrote that herself...half-assed apologies are a no go!

24. When you didn't do anything wrong but the teacher is insistent that you say SOMETHING!

25. He was probably right, he's just too Canadian!


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