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7 'American Idol' Winners: Where Are They Now?

15 seasons of American Idol have come and gone. As an audience, we watched new judges filter in and out of the show, which was never really the same after Simon left. We also followed (some) very successful winners as they went on to have larger-than-life careers. Here's all your favorite winners and where they are now!

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1. 17-year-old Scotty McCreery's deep country twang had hearts throbbing all over the country when he won season 10.

What were you doing at 17? I wish I was this successful!

Today he's still stealing hearts as he's working on his third studio album while on tour... oh and attending North Carolina State University. 

College boy, anyone?

2. Jordin Sparks became the youngest winner of Idol's sixth season in 2005.

She went on to have several Billboard Hot 100 Hits, a headlining tour, and several television appearances...

3. Taylor Hicks won season five of Idoland became our favorite quirky 29-year-old with a head full of gray hair.

Adorable, I know.

Hicks went on to be the only Idol to secure a long-term residency in Las Vegas. He also hit the tenth spot on Forbes' "Top Ten Earning American Idol Stars."

If George Clooney and Jay Leno had a baby...

4. Carrie Underwood won season 4 of Idol. Simon Cowell not only predicted she would win the competition, but also outsell all of the previous winners. 

Long story short: Simon Cowell is a fortune teller by day, American Idol judge by night.

Seven Grammys. Seven. 

5. Fantasia Barrino won the third season of American Idol

She became the first artist in history to have their first single top the Billboard Hot 100. 

She also had two headlining tours, and has appeared on Broadway, various television shows, and movies. 

6. Ruben Studdard was the second ever winner of American Idol. 

Velvet teddy bear, am I right?

Ruben went on to become to first "celebrity contestant" on the reality show, The Biggest Loser. He lost a total of 119 lbs, which he credited to improving his singing performances.

 I guess having six albums can really take it out of you.

7. Kelly Clarkson was crowned the first ever American Idol in 2002. 

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

It's no secret that Kelly's looks have changed over the years, but her spirit and talent have not wavered. Kelly now has over 100 Billboard number one hits, started her own family, and has headlined seven tours. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Here she's pregnant and enjoying a recent trip to Disney World with a friend.

COMMENT and let us know who your favorite ldolwas!

And what do you think of them now?

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