Monday, May 28, 2018

8 Steps For Fishtail Nails

If you're in the know about all things beauty, then you're likely already aware that fishtail braids are one of the most popular hairstyles of the season. And since fishtail braids are basically the best hair invention ever, why not extend the trend to nail art as well? This fishtail nail design is so intricate, stunning, and actually quite easy to achieve. The shades used in this design are some of the most popular colors of the season, and they all look fabulous next to one another.  

If your hand isn't steady enough to create the lines in this tutorial using the polish brush, a small paintbrush will also do the trick. I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be trying out fishtail nails this fall. So if you're ready for the full how-to, keep reading for a list of eight simple steps for fishtail nails, as well as other fun, bright, and sparkly examples of the trend! 

1. Base Polish

Your first step in achieving a fishtail manicure is to apply a clear base polish. This will protect your nails from staining and help the rest of the polish to go on more smoothly. 

2. Blue Polish

Next, apply one coat of light blue nail polish. The color shown here is Essie's "Udon Know Me." 

3. Burgundy Line

The first step in creating the actual fishtail is to apply a burgundy, diagonal line from left to right across your nail. The shade used here is Essie's "Playing Koi." 

4. Gray Line 

Your next step is to apply a gray diagonal line in the opposite direction, slightly overlapping the burgundy line. This stone-gray polish is Essie's "Now and Zen."

5. Plum Overlap 

This deep, plum color is my favorite polish of the bunch. Following the same direction as the gray line, slightly overlap it (without covering it too much!). Essie's "Kimono-Over" is the stunning shade used here. 

6. Gray Overlap

Your next step is to apply a small, diagonal line across the right side of your nail tip using the gray polish. 

7. Back To Blue 

Your last step in the fishtail design is to paint a small, diagonal line across the left side of your nail tip using the original blue polish.

8. Voila! 

And there you have it! A simple, stunning fishtail design using this fall's most popular colors. Don't forget to swipe on a clear top coat to seal in your masterpiece! 

Now that you've mastered the fishtail look, check out these examples for more color and design inspiration! 

Fishtail Tips 

These black, white, and yellow fishtail tips are so fun. The silver glitter base polish makes this a totally psychedelic look. 

Candy Corn 

This fishtail nail design reminds me exactly of candy corn. I love all of the fall-inspired colors used here! 

Glittering Gold

There's so much going on in this glam manicure, and I'm loving all of it. Although I love each one of these fun, glittering designs, the fishtail one definitely steals the show. 

True Blue 

This blue color palette is my favorite of the list. The subtle sparkles totally complete this fishtail nail look! 

Feminine Fishtail 

Every over-the-top manicure needs a little magenta and gold glitter. The teal in this fishtail accent nail complements the other colors so perfectly! 


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